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The professional lorry S350 tools package tools do not have to DIY

www.cnelectrictools.comThe tragic loss of life or personal injury caused by many Well Socket accidents and safety accidents, more often than not because of the accident itself, but because the owners have the security of anticipatory consciousness, or professional the attendant security tools not caused. People still remember 7.21 heavy rain, an owners flooded the tragedy, was killed in a car to the vast number of faithful car sounded the alarm.

The role of the capacitance in the circuit

www.cnelectrictools.comCapacitance in the circuit: a partition DC, the communication exchanges, to prevent the low-frequency characteristics, and is widely used in the coupling, blocking, bypass filter, the tuner, the energy conversion and automatic control, etc..

Metal spraying plating process

Metal spraying with compressed air or an inert gas to the molten corrosion metal sprayed onto the metal surface to form a protective coating process. Metal spraying, the plated material in specialized spray sink or gun melted and atomized, and injected into the base material, such a surface decoration method is spray gun sometimes also referred to as metal spraying. Usually using an oxygen - acetylene flame, but sometimes also use Surge protector other gases. When the plated metal automatically feeding the wire through the flame core, the wire is melted and simultaneously the compressed air stream atomized and sprayed onto the base material. Almost any kind can be made of metal wire, the metal can be used Repair Tool such a method of spraying. Another spray gun using the powdered material through the flame jet out. The advantage of this method is not only capable of metallisation, but also to sputtering the metal-ceramic composite material, oxide and carbide.

The inductance acts inductor function and purpose

 Inductor (inductor) is used to provide the inductance of the device, a variety of insulated wire wound coil called inductive. Its main role is resistive AC pass DC, resistance to high-frequency pass low frequency means that the high-frequency signal through the inductance coil will encounter a lot of resistance, difficult to pass, while the resistance presented by the low frequency signal through it small, i.e. the low-frequency signal can be more easily through it. Inductance shunt capacitor coil DC resistance is almost zero.

Industrial control and become the main application areas of ZigBee chip

The the ZigBee starting point is hoping to develop a the provisioning glue gun an easy low-cost wireless network, while the period of low power consumption make the product the battery will last six months to a few years time. ZigBee technology to make up for a low-cost, low-power and low-rate wireless communications market vacancy, the key to its success lies in the rich and convenient application, rather than the technology itself. With the announcement of the official version of the protocol, the more attention and Holland type socket research and development efforts will go to the application design and implementation, interoperability testing and marketing. We have reason to believe that in the near future, there will be more and more built-in the ZigBee functionality of equipment enter life, and greatly improve our way of life and experience.

New energy storage devices: capacitance-type lithium-ion battery

How to overcome each of the lithium-ion battery and supercapacitor performance deficiencies, and complementary to, and is a the battery many researchers in the field tireless pursuit of the goal.
    Design and manufacture of a capacitance-type lithium-ion battery

To seize domestic equipment manufacturing industry commanding heights

    "The high level of the key technologies of the large capacity of UHV AC and DC switchgear deepen research and equipment development, not only to meet domestic electricity urgent need to provide strong support for our country strong and smart grid shunt capacitor construction, and also led to the switch and domestic manufacturing raise the level of industry technology. "- Henan Pinggao Electric Co., Ltd., general manager Pang Qingping.

LED lighting Pan furniture industry needs to carry out the depth of cooperation

During the National Day, many people are traveling, and I have no time due to the weekdays busy work, home decoration good three months house to buy furniture. Now take this holiday time to buy furniture. Great music from the Energy Saving Light furniture market, a little "ten changjie" is not an exaggeration, most shop lights, energy-saving lamps, halogen lamps led a lot of the LED lighting. Lighting from the overall point of view, we can see that 80% of the store with the lights unprofessional. A fellow business imitation of the Ming and Qing Dynasties mahogany furniture, call about we go sit in his showroom. So, we go out of his shop, we are talking about for a long time, and had a good talk.

Data center UPS energy saving

Part of the energy consumption of the data center room consisting of input transformer (typically configured as a step-down transformer 10KV/400V dry) and ATS switch located in the data center room UPS input power supply system and by the UPS and its corresponding shunt capacitor UPS power supply input and output distribution cabinet system power consumption, power consumption of about 3% from the power generated by the UPS input power supply system.

The policy bias enterprises LED SMEs are still dependent on exports

The environment is the rapid deterioration of the debt crisis export largest region is spread to China and Africa, export orders fell sharply, mainly in overseas markets LED lighting industry in China dropped to its lowest. It is the 111th Canton Fair Cable Reel Type Socket data display, LED business orders from Europe and the United States dropped three Daosi Cheng. Export downturn, the continuous introduction of favorable policies in May, to the troubled green LED lighting industry hit Christmas Lamp a shot in the arm, and also Electronic Mosquito-Killer makes more companies began to look to domestic market.



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