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To seize domestic equipment manufacturing industry commanding heights

    "The high level of the key technologies of the large capacity of UHV AC and DC switchgear deepen research and equipment development, not only to meet domestic electricity urgent need to provide strong support for our country strong and smart grid shunt capacitor construction, and also led to the switch and domestic manufacturing raise the level of industry technology. "- Henan Pinggao Electric Co., Ltd., general manager Pang Qingping.

According to the 2012 global numerical control machine production technology and trade status

CNC cutting processing with high efficiency and good quality, low cost advantage and for the domestic numerous mechanical processing and the surrounding industry place favour. Due to introduction CNC cutting technology and related equipment is not a long time, after nearly 10 years of digestion absorption, domestic a batch size, strength of the production enterprise to begin to roll out have completely independent intellectual property rights of the nc cutter brand, and gets the recognized by the market at home and abroad.


Weifang diesel power between eastern and the cooperation and international fair for investment and trade

April 5, the 16 th between east China international fair for investment and trade cooperation and xian qujiang international conference and exhibition center was held. Weifang diesel power with heavy gold card industry chain-heavy CARDS in its combination of steam, weifang diesel engine, method and gear, han DE axle, collective appearance, in the exhibition highlights advantage, attracted numerous visitor's attention, came to a continuous stream of chaos.


China photovoltaic products trade war could sink the economy

Is China's hainan boao Asia BBS in American former commerce secretary, current citigroup vice President carlos · gutierrez, on April 1, said. "I believe barack Obama the government's economic team could sink the us economy, we can not endure the same four years." Gutierrez said at the same time,Energy Saving Light...

In February 2012 with the steel supply and demand analysis and home appliances price trends

In February 2011, electrical steel market prices rose after the first turn. Earlier this month, the domestic electrical steel market price 200-300 yuan/ton, of which 800 brand price once approached 6000 yuan/ton. Terminal market demand around the Spring Festival performance in general, and the enterprise to the current price to accept a limited degree, and the overall market delivers poor. The middle, circulation field electrical steel spot price in support of lack of demand under the condition of high rushed back quickly. B, market price after continuous callback, basic return to a relatively rational level.Spray stick...

Japanese electronics industry restructuring Chinese should not stand by

Japan's chip giant will reach February 27 to Tokyo district court file for bankruptcy protection, into the restructuring program; And renesas, Fujitsu,Cable Reel Type Socket panasonic three Japanese companies have previously announced mergers in the semiconductor chip system (LSI) business, and at the end of the year will begin production in the intelligent application mobile phone, automobile electronic equipment, and other products of semiconductor chip. Japanese electronics manufacturing a series of restructuring rich enlightenment.


Shunde white electric export industry innovation ability and the low end thwarted shortage

Shunde area is the national famous refrigeration appliances production base, the first half of 2011, shunde area export white home appliances like air conditioning, the refrigerator to undertake a year growth momentum, continue on a strong growth, export batch and value of more than the previous year's exports are all year; The second half of the international financial market because rain brought back, the second time in the fed quantitative easing results and the third time the prospect of quantitative easing, the international market will cause widespread concerns about so inflation and global stagflation; Plus a Labour shortage, prices of raw materials and the exchange rate of the yuan, enterprise independent brands and innovation capability is not strong and other factors, make shunde air conditioning, the refrigerator exports have been highs phenomenon, export prospects is not optimistic.Extension cord...

India-the free trade agreement will promote India textile clothing exports

According to industry experts say, soon will implement India-the European Union free trade agreement (FTA), will promote the India of textiles and clothing exports, at present the negotiations have in the final stages.

India-the European Union free trade agreement, Energy Saving Light known as bilateral trade and investment agreements "(BTIA)", proposed agreement, in the next 10 years during, cut 90% of the bilateral trade goods tariffs, eventually cancelled tariffs.


Chinese herbal medicine trade in poor health to sell its business edge

    Hong edge medicine announcement, the company with the Sept. 21 Industrial Development Co., Ltd. Jiangsu economic strategy for the agreement, the subsidiaryBooster cable International Trade Co., Ltd. Lianyungang Kangjia 86% of the shares to 2.58 million yuan to sell all.


Day's exports to the United States steel wheel was conscripted 40% countervailing duties

Day group (002593 SZ) on 7 September night announcement to say, according to the U.S. department of commerce of steel wheel products against cutting results early double, crystal block part company exports to the United States steel wheel product since 6, 40.03% on the temporary countervailing tax rate.



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