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China exported 110000 tons of copper "soft BiCang" failure

China exported 110000 tons of copper, "soft BiCang" failure. A source says China smelting manufacturers and traders to London metal exchange (LME) of about 110000 tons of south Korean warehouse shipment refined; And according to some large smelter trading manager says, the domestic four large smelter has according to a duty free program, their export around 20000 tons electrolytic copper, the rest is through the traders from Shanghai bonded warehouse to export.


Beijing international packaging expo and many close cooperation association

In 2012 will be July 3 to 6 held on CHIPF Beijing international packaging fair target audience groups for food, beverage, wine, candy, medicine, cosmetics and non-food consumer goods production enterprise. In order to facilitate the buyers visit and discuss, expo on exhibition industry needs according to purchasing reasonable planning. According to the division of buyer needs, so that we can more effectively organize professional buyers accurate time into the corresponding regional negotiations, thus increasing the exhibitors enterprise business opportunities. The exposition has issued 400000 tickets, and in the light of the industry leading enterprises issued 100000 invitation card.


Import and export pitch meeting spring: to leave no stone unturned to promote exports

The reporter learns, the ministry of commerce on February 20,, in nanchang at the national organization of import and export and the 111th Canton fair working meeting of the preparatory meeting of will in April 2012 the opening of the 111th Canton fair target and determine the spring, which demands "all sides to leave no stone unturned to promoting exports to clinch a deal".


The price of steel building temporary stability part traders earlier this season

Steel price declines in building seem intermissions, tend to be stable. But a fine living, the main reason is quite part of the endorsement traders already "playing", is "Germany extension socket left" in advance for the Spring Festival holiday, the market price is already to have a representative of the whole. According to a domestic institutions to provide the latest market report, before the Spring Festival of demand will only continue to weaken endorsement.


Ningbo port of polysilicon imports JiSheng price

According to ningbo customs statistics, 1 to July ningbo port accumulative total import polysilicon 325.5 tons, than last year the corresponding period (the same below) increased 15.2%; $25.25 million, up 55.4%, the average price per kg import for $77.6, up by 34.9%.


Latin American leather tannery business profits slow down trade

    In Latin America,Extension cord trading conditions generally slow, partly because the Italian customs due to holiday shop. However, in most cases, prices remain stable. Brazilian full-thickness TR1 standard varieties offer $ 1.60, but I heard about a few cents in order to reduce the reported deal. Of course, as usual, it dependspower strip largely on the specific manufacturer.


Market changes: no longer cultural lucrative overseas buy

   March 11, 2011 Japan Richter 9.0 earthquake, this time a collector from China in Tokyo just a small auction reaped a favorite porcelain. The next day holding the safe return of hard-won baby, badly shaken when he still felt that value.


Chongqing to send representatives to the enterprise of Zhejiang Garment Association learn

  Trees, flowers, fountains, houses ...... this is not an upscale residential district, but a nationally renowned professional market Haining Leather City.

    Garment Association in Chongqing sent the organization, yesterday, the city school clothing Yu Association of business representatives and City Commission by letter, Banan District, Development Zone and the wood along the river Maliuchang hole town government and his party leadership related to more than 10 people,Energy Saving Light to Zhejiang Haining learn for school clothing collective settled in Chongqing Banan home textile industry park in preparation.


Through the "deficit " usher in the spring high shoe trade

     May 18 hearing in the event of the first foreign trade "deficit season", the April,Car wash brush China's total exports Que Tu record high trade surplus also will be rising, and more than billion. Exports of 39.57 billion U.S. dollars of garments, up 22.9%; textile exports 28.93 billion U.S. dollars, up 34%; footwear export 11.9 billion U.S. dollars,Clothes hangers an increase of 22.9%.


2011 China Expo Profile wonderful children unlimited supplies


    First, the market analysis.

    1, the market size.

    According to statistics, since 2000, the Chinese economy will be the baby more than 30% annual growth rate in the "high-speed run," the market size in 2008 is to reach 500 billion yuan. Continued to spread in Glue stick the international financial crisis deepened, the baby industry with its huge consumption potential of the crisis has become a "safe haven." Baby product market in China last year more than 20% still rapid growth of the market size of about 750 billion yuan, China has become the second largest after the United States baby products Hand lamp consumer.



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