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China copyright trade deficit narrowed but responded to improve still

Recently, some in the industry say, at present, China's export value books is not enough, the performance in the copyright of low prices, the export product structure is unreasonable, homogeneity competition problems such as serious, the future of China's news publishing industry "go out" to be from quantity growth turned to the connotative development road.


European debt market outlook caused by exerted pressure on exports of home appliances and unpredictable

  Has lasted 18 months,Clothes hangers the recent debt crisis in Europe further deterioration in the euro area as a major home appliance exporter in China, fluctuations in the economic environment of China's export of home appliances to bring the inevitable impact of the uncertain economic trends so that the pressure of China's home appliance exports increase, household appliances China News reports:


Steel prices even behind China's iron ore market price index does not recognize the embarrassment

  After resisting for two years in the Chinese steel industry finally accepted the iron ore index "of pricing."

    September 20, China Iron and Steel Association (hereinafter referred to as "CISA"), together with China CCCMC and the China Metallurgical Mining Enterprise Association, officially launched "China's iron ore price index" (CIOPI), the price index was released in October on a weekly basis.


Moon cakes exports increased price falls DuoGe nations to limit imports

Guangdong inspection and quarantine of data showing that, by the middle of August, 2010, the guangdong inspection and quarantine inspection of export total 1470 tons, moon cake to the value of $11.91 million, weight and value of a year-on-year increase of 42.7% and 80.2% respectively. However, up to the end ofEnergy Saving Light August of this year, the guangdong inspection and quarantine inspection of the export of moon cakes to only 1499 tons, but the amount of exports for 11.22 million dollars, French type socket weight just up 2%, than the value last year by $690000. By lianrong, white sugar, peanut oil, eggs and other raw materials and the weak dollar cost growth factors, moon glue gun cake "export" difficult to pick up.


India wants to take away from the hands of 10% of China's garment export business

     As India's second largest industry, job creation, the Indian garment industry is now about 700 million Indians to provide employment opportunities.crystal block In addition, exports are growing, which is India's economy is good news.


Limited Edition 118 yuan a bottle of mineral water, supermarket sales of "luxury water"

   Limited edition sneakers, limited edition bag, limited edition dolls, limited edition can of mineral water you heard of it?

    Last week,Energy Saving Light friends Eva in a forum made a post to show that she was photographed from a supermarket by a group of photos. Photo is beautifully packaged in a variety of mineral water, mineral water, several times the ordinary price of even a few times. She laments: "Now, even mineral water are so high, ah."


ITC sued Apple for infringement of a formal investigation the case of Samsung

   Beijing July 28, Wednesday,Booster cable the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) announced that it will sue Apple Samsung infringement to conduct a survey.

     June, Samsung sued Apple infringement, and to ban Apple's products into the U.S. market. Samsung thinks Apple iPhone, iPad,Extension cord iPod products, and copying "Samsung's many innovations." For every high-profile litigation with, ITC almost have to investigate,power strip so that the investigation does not seem significant. In general, ITC's final decision will be announced in 16-18 months. ITC said on Wednesday that decisions will be "the fastest possible time" came out, and promised to start the investigation within 45 days to determine the target date. The case will be handed over to ITC Administrative Law Judge is responsible for five,Electronic Mosquito-Killer they will schedule a hearing and then make a preliminary ruling by the ITC all members of the review.


Cornell "going out" by a class of robust pace of export enterprises

     June 21 hearing recently, Zhejiang industrial products export inspection and quarantine system, Ratchet tiedowm a class of companies awarding of the General Assembly was held in Hangzhou. At the meeting, Inspection and Quarantine Bureau,Remote control socket Zhejiang Province,Saving power socket the leadership of Cornell Group Co., Ltd., the company issued 21 award plaque. Yan Zhen, Zhejiang Province, Inspection and Quarantine Bureau attended the meeting and entitled "pragmatic, pioneering and innovation,Solar lighting category management to promote a new leap in inspection and supervision work," an important speech, a comprehensive review of the Administration of the Soldering irons new "export industrial products business classification management Measures "issued since the implementation of the province's system closely integrated with the actual situation, Spray stick the management depth to promote the export classification results achieved and experiences. It is reported that Wenzhou City, Spray sticks a total of four leading companies within the industry award. Cornell Group on behalf of corporate vice president Zhou Jinmiao also gave a keynote speech on the stage.


European Parliament vote on tariff concessions given to Pakistan's textile

   European Parliament earlier this (2011) on May 10 voted to support suspension of Pakistan imposed a number of preferential trade tariffs on imports of textiles from the proposal, to help promote flood damage last summer after being Pakistan's economic recovery.


High imports in the first quarter to the first 6 years are trade-quarter deficit

     Customs data released on the 10th, the first quarter of this year, import and export value of 800.3 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 29.5%. Exports 399.64 billion U.S. dollars, up 26.5%; imports 400.66 billion U.S.Cable Reel Type Socket dollars, up 32.6%; total of 1.02 billion U.S. dollars of trade deficit appears, the first quarter of last year was 13.91 billion U.S. dollars surplus.



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