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Chinese solar panels embattled embarrassing position

"Double reverse" survey storm all did not the United States "fear" India "suit" eu "brew"

Energy Saving Light December 19, announced the ministry's website, please note this department has received recent India its domestic solar panels industry to submit originating in China solar panels the anti-dumping investigation application, is expected to a month may anti-dumping investigation.


Steel: trade friction constantly capital output to be relaxed

December 5,-6, in Paris, France held an international group seminars, our country on the export of coke and a 40% tariff foreign trade policy of the opposition. By November, China'sElectronic insect killer steel products in the export of anti-dumping,Extension cords anti-subsidy put on record up to eight cases. The domestic steel industry calls for this, eased capital output limiting, should encourage enterprises to go out overseas layout, seek refuge.


Exports in the fastener industry confusion treat a solution of Rush

  In recent years, with the fastener rapid export growth, China has gradually become the world's major exporter of fastener products. However, we still rely on an increase in the number of products to expand markets, products are still low-grade, low price of the issue. Mainly into the foreign service parts marketFlash lighting , supporting only a few products to enter the host market, and multi-way delivery of OEM's, have not formed their own brand.


Toluene, xylene is less demand for downstream traders waiting to see

: Toluene / Xylene:

    Tuesday (September 27), the domestic market: lower downstream demand xylene, toluene traders, waiting and watching, general transactions.


    East China: PM: toluene mainstream in Zhangjiagang 8550-8600 yuan / ton (the tank). Rebound in oil prices, market sentiment improved slightly, Germany extension socket the venue operators hold stocks offer strong, but tend to focus on low-end negotiations. Afternoon: toluene mainstream transaction in Zhangjiagang 8550 yuan / ton (the tank), Electronic Mosquito-Killer the low-end than the previous trading day up 50 yuan / ton. Strong rebound in oil prices, floor traders to restore confidence in the market to buy gas well, and the prices firm.


Affected by trade measures such as export of leather goods business losses

      Germany extension socket | Leather, Sept. 21 hearing, following the exchange rate, the technical trade measures to become China's enterprises in the export of the main obstacles encountered. AQSIQ survey results released today show that in 2010 China exported 31.74% of companies by foreign technical trade measures to varying degrees, the annual direct loss of export trade $ 58.241 billion, 24.391 billion U.S. dollars additional cost businesses.


Indian traders Pandora's box: the import of unregistered theophylline API

   From Asian manufacturers that have not been checking the import of unregistered API results proved to be Pandora's box move. Located in India, Ludhiana (ludhiana) Vehicle-Ratchet Tie Downs traders has imported a large number of unregistered theophylline for asthma drug production. It is reported that, Ludhiana (ludhiana) in April this year, traders are imported from neighboring countries, more than 500 tons of unregistered theophylline API, the industry estimates it imports more than a year across India, Battery clip the total demand. Theophylline are government price controls, drug price regulatory authorities in India, "National Drug Pricing Authority" (NPPA) of theophyllineElectric mosquito killer is priced at Rs 512 per kg.


Analysis Shangrao export toy industry to overcome barriers to trade steady

    1-8 months, Shangrao area toy exports rose steadily, reaching 30 lots, $ 1.2 million, not a single case of quality and safety issues.

     United States crystal block from August 14, 2011 implemented new regulations for children's products lead content, lead content standard requirements from the current 300ppm down to 100ppm. In Europe,Cable Reel Type Socket July 20, 2011, known as the history of the most rigorous and demanding toy regulations, "the new EU toy safety directive" has been implemented, China's toyChristmas Lamp export enterprises are facing more Germany type socket serious challenges.


Great trade surplus plunged into China's foreign reserve source of inflation

   Recently, at Peking University in the 24th CMRC forecast at Long Run, People's Bank of China Deputy Governor, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, said Yi Gang, the end of 2010 China's foreign exchange reserves accumulated $ 2.85 trillion, Energy Saving Light China Bank of throwing nearly 20 trillion yuan to hedge. Yi Gang that "the trade surplus is too large is the source of inflation" should be used French type socket various means of progressive governance inflation.


Increasingly severe iron ore talks

    Multi-sectoral response to the increasingly severe iron ore negotiations, a critical situation.

    I was informed a few days ago, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry, Commerce and other relevant departments are joint research deal with China's relevant policies and measures of iron ore crystal block , including iron ore market should be the financial phenomenon, iron and steel enterprises to go Countermeasures , regulate the import and export trade in iron ore, imports order to rectify the domestic and foreign giants specific M &Cable Reel Type Socket A project may involve aspects of the antitrust investigation.


Ceramic Market in Guangdong and Fujian were the two "good market" title

    14 to 15 March, Foshan, Guangdong, Casa ceramic sanitary ceramics world and the Heavenly City, Quanzhou, Fujian Province were given "Chancheng integrity of the market to create advanced units", "Fujian integrity of the market model unit."



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