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Numerical control machine pull of import and export market trade protection


According to the international monetary fund forecasts, 2011 developed economies of GDP will grow by 2.4% or so, developing countries GDP will grow by 6.6% or so, international market demand is expected to increase, especially China and emerging economies and developing countries in economic and technical cooperation continues to expand, Germany extension socket and asean free trade area built six countries, and Chile, Electronic Mosquito-Killer Peru, Singapore and other countries sign free trade area agreement. Therefore, the 2011 international economic environment conducive to numerical control machine tool industry in our country foreign trade fast and steady development.


2012 west China fastener industry strong domestic demand

  2011 is the "1025" the beginning of China in the first half of the fastener industry overall situation exuberant, realize the total output grew 6.9%, total sales increased 7.02% year-on-year in the situation. Including export fasteners year-on-year growth of 21.57%, the amount of exports year-on-year growth of 42.6%.


German engineering machinery sales rebounded industry signs on recovery

According to the German statistics bureau data show that in 2010, the German engineering machinery manufacturing total sales for 10.21 billion euros, a 15.3% increase year-on-year. Among them, the domestic sales for 2.64 billion euros, accounting for 25.9% of total sales; Foreign sales to the euro zone in market sales for 2.22 billion euros, to euro area outside of the market sales for 5.35 billion euros, accounted for 21.7% of total sales and 52.4%. Germany extension socket Another according to the European Union commission incomplete statistics, in 2010, the 27 eu nations engineering machinery manufacturing output value of around 25.07 billion euros,Electronic Mosquito-Killer a 19.2% increase year-on-year. Among them, the German engineering machinery manufacturing output of 8.26 billion euros, accounts for about 32.9% of the eu total.


The cotton: cotton business sales USDA monthly report bad is a little difficult

According to several foreign reflect recent quotas nervous, some 11, 12 month according to the contract, the port of shipment to the cotton, cotton, Brazil or India cotton is likely because part of the Australian importers and temporarily difficult to on schedule without quota recycling payment for goods. At present, Germany extension socket the main port deal active two things: one is the cotton, especially 2010/11 year India cotton or west African cotton 2011/12 annual to port India offer very low cause some cotton with slippery must import quota of interest tax enterprise; The second is some large and medium cotton textile companies for funds or other reasons in advance 2012 annual 1% tariff quotas, usually with cotton import trade cooperation, the import of cotton a few for personal use and most of Electronic Mosquito-Killer the business. In the short term contract to see,Extension cord the domestic enterprise most import international cotton business or trade request in February 15 or 20 days before February will cotton arrived at China's main port, otherwise China enterprise to terminate the contract or require foreign the right to compensation, mainly because the 2011 years can be extended to the 1% tariff quotas before the end of 2 use (2 before end of cotton must arrival, and customs clearance), power strip take the enterprise needs to be his quota set aside about a week's time customs clearance. Part of the foreign common, say the end of November and December to port of India's first cotton are already make moves, India's Booster cable domestic processing enterprise progress is slow, a lot of the December issue of import failure or have difficulty contract.


China's entry into the wto ten years become the world's second largest mechanical and electronic trading nation

To join the world trade organization over the past 10 years, the unification to open market environment and the high efficiency of the administrative environment norms, for our country and mechanical and electrical products import and export create valuable historical opportunity. In the national policy guidance and international industrial transfer factors work together, the mechanical and electrical products import and export realize the leaping growth. Booster cable Mechanical and electrical products has been for 16 years to keep the first kinds big export commodity status, China has become the world's second largest mechanical and electronic trading nation, Extension cord the first big exporter.


From the import and export trade in our country see the development of the industry of fan

Fan industry enterprise, especially small and medium-sized enterprises should use the favorable opportunity to actively expand exports, promote the development of oneself.Germany extension socket Currently only a few enterprise have fan industry export products, after China's entry into the wto will have a bigger development.


Dialysis China shoes clothes manufacturing overseas trade describing a new chapter

In December 2011, is China officially joined the world trade organization 10 anniversary, at present China has become the world's first big exporter, "made in China" reputation overseas. Ten years China's export quality and cheap products, particularly applicable to life of ordinary common people need products, Germany extension socket such as shoes, clothing and so on, has become a foreign ordinary people an integral part of life.


Photovoltaic industry reshuffle, who will fly ash didn't smoke?

Once "gets ahead" of photovoltaic industry, has been excess capacity, has been industry chain shortages, has been comprehensive foreign, has been developing deformity.Germany extension socket These they are clear, but he is too busy to their eyes profits. Until the sword of Damocles over the suspension of the head, some people know after after sleep: China's pv industry really Electronic Mosquito-Killer want to shuffle. Who will smoke? Who can off the hook?


From processing trade see "made in China" what to do

To join the world trade organization over the past 10 years, the processing trade of our country momentum, want to develop processing trade is no longer a problem, and how to better develop processing trade is the most worth the focus of attention, especially to the industry safety, environment protection,Booster cable industrial upgrading, research and development ability of the improvement of the processing trade of the overall level of the key.


October 12, light atmosphere of the domestic market price of acetone

  October 12, the domestic market sentiment acetone light, the general demand for downstream manufacturers, floor transactions is limited, short-term market conditions weak consolidation, difficult to change.

    East: the mainstream of the local market price 9100-9300 yuan / ton, quoted in Ningbo acetone intention 9300 yuan / ton, down yesterday 50-100 yuan / ton, Germany extension socket downstream manufacturers to a single talk, mainly due to lack of demand downstream plant and tight liquidity, short-term difficult to change the actual market transactions; Jiangsu acetone fell 100 yuan / ton to 9100-9200 yuan / ton, the general atmosphere of the venue deal, the user can be a single firm offer to talk. Short wait and see outlook, small single-based, operating relatively cautious.



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