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The policy bias enterprises LED SMEs are still dependent on exports

The environment is the rapid deterioration of the debt crisis export largest region is spread to China and Africa, export orders fell sharply, mainly in overseas markets LED lighting industry in China dropped to its lowest. It is the 111th Canton Fair Cable Reel Type Socket data display, LED business orders from Europe and the United States dropped three Daosi Cheng. Export downturn, the continuous introduction of favorable policies in May, to the troubled green LED lighting industry hit Christmas Lamp a shot in the arm, and also Electronic Mosquito-Killer makes more companies began to look to domestic market.

Competition from point to chain competition stone material industrial chain integration

As China stone material industrial increasingly prosperous, stone material with its irreplaceable advantage, and cement, steel, ceramics, building materials are equally important, and with its own advantage among the international market. By 2011, China stone gross consumption, already 7 years among the world's first, becoming the world's largest stone consuming countries. In the last ten years, the average annual growth rate of dosage of stone were greater than 9%, and the momentum has been increasing dosage stone material to be appreciated. At present in the stone only more than 400 million square meters of the sales volume, ceramic tile is the sales of 8 billion square metre; But in 2010 the national scale above (sales income is 5 million yuan of above) stone material enterprise sales income amounted to 207 billion yuan, and the same year ceramic industry sales more than 300 billion only.


DongMingZhu: the hard industry spirit

Sitting in the eyes of the reporters the wrestle to the sea 20 years of "iron lady" calmly indifferent, from normal salesman to the women entrepreneurs, DongMingZhu said, wantBooster cable to have "a industry spirit", this in the everyone want to profit in the short run the s, appear "differences date".


Constant force chemical fiber into the first "national transformation and upgrading of processing trade example enterprise"

Recently, the first evaluation the upgrading of the processing trade demonstration enterprise list is announced, jiangsu hengli chemical fiber Co., LTD ranked among them, the constant force Booster cable chemical fiber transformation and upgrading of processing trade results become the typical.


Wenzhou valve appear "blowout" in trade barriers

Along with the science and technology content and regional visibility of the sometimes progress, stop valve product exports also got an unprecedented growth. Especially in the last year of the pump valve enterprise presented the wenzhou export "blowout" phenomenon, many enterprises to export growth above 100%,Booster cable two big pump valve consumption base of export growth in the industry is much higher than the entire sales growth rate. Industry products of export a progress, it is a good thing, but in recent days, Extension cord LongWanOu regulate valve valve industry association President, wuzhou valve group manager ChenJinFa, general secretary ZhangChengZhen but for this thing and worried.


Jiangsu province port automobile parts export growth analysis

According to the nanjing customs statistics, Germany extension socket this January to November jiangsu port accumulative total export automobile parts 890 million us dollars, up by 8.9%, much lower than the same period last year, an increase of 69.4%. It is reported, Electronic Mosquito-Killer since September, jiangsu port automobile parts export growth has year-on-year for three months negative growth.


Apple such as not to Sue can profit from each andros equipment $10

Beijing time 29 December, news, according to foreign media reports, according to intellectual property company 3 LPAdvisors presided the partner Kevin LiWeiTe (KevinRivette) says, Germany extension socket if apple to give up two intelligent mobile phone manufacturer of prosecution, but to their patent license fees for words, so apple can every one to two mobile phone charge a fee of us $10.


Sino-australian textile and apparel trade in the previous three quarters of more than $3.4 billion

China's customs to released statistics show that the first three quarters of this year, China and Australia trade of textiles and clothing products more than us $3.4 billion, Booster cable 23.4% year-on-year. Among them, the export of China to Australia to 3.39 billion us dollars, up by 23.5%. China's imports of goods from Australia to us $12 million, roughly the sameExtension cord period last year. According to the forecast,power strip the whole year, between the two countries of the textiles and clothing trade is expected to reach us $4.5 billion by.


RMB appreciation will affect the steel trade

x   11 U.S. Senate despite strong opposition at home and abroad, by 63 votes in favor and 35 votes against the vote, adopted the "2011 currency exchange rate surveillance reform bill." Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Cui 10, has said neither the U.S. Senate's motion to reflect the reality of the Sino-US economic and trade relations,Booster cable but also for the future development of bilateral economic and trade relations detrimental factors.


Foreign News: U.S. to launch renminbi flak "war of nerves" Lu ambition

   Oct. 8 Xinhua Malaysia, "Sin Chew Daily" recently published an editorial, the U.S. Senate recently passed a bill on Chinese products exported to the United States to impose trade retaliation, the intention in forcing the RMB appreciation. The United States will be set early in the morning, Germany extension socket "deadline", and several terminate the negotiations, and now by the Senate adopted a bill to China war of nerves. U.S. move to make many concessions to China, which very explicitly reflects the ambitions of the United States.



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