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Printing and environmental protection is global printing industry sustainable development investigation and analysis of the subject

In today's world wide variety of greening prints, not only reflect > element makes more civilized human printing, the more progress, more harmonious life interest, and vivid explanation of human life to death by the indissoluble bond with printing. The printing industry in spread human knowledge civilization, improve the life quality of the people,Booster cable and promote the industry technology development,Extension cord constructing the modern culture industry or the history of one thousand years after the deduction to the green environmental protection innovation. In the environmental protection field of view,power strip the author thinks that Chinese the development of the printing industry direction can be summed up as follows.


2012 (11 th) China international chemical exhibition invitation

The relevant units:

"China international chemical exhibition" since 1992 for the first time since held, held every two years, 20 years successfully held for ten years, it has become the domestic and foreign oilEnergy Saving Light and chemical sector wide recognition, to participate in, enjoying a high reputation and the authoritative the industry brand exhibition. The last exhibition gathered in the from 17 countries and regions in 752 exhibitors and exhibitors from 66 countries and regions of the professional audience of 16273 people to visit, French type socket total exhibition area of 23000 square meters. "2012 (11 th) China international chemical exhibition" is scheduled for September 2012 26 to 28, world expo in Shanghai exhibition center for,glue gun now will notify relevant matters are as follows:


Shandong foreign trade up the $200 billion steps

In shandong province from business hall is that, 1 to November, shandong province foreign trade up $200 billion steps, but export growth is a narrowing of the potential, increase in November is only 4.3%, Booster cable than a drop of 7.1% last month, 9.5% below the national average.


Beauty "double reverse" for China of the impact of the photovoltaic industry

On October nineteenth, this year, led by Germany SolarWorld seven enterprises to the United States government submitted the combination of Chinese exports to the United States of solar cells (board) antidumping and countervailing (hereinafter referred to as "the two sides") investigation application,Booster cable and the us department of commerce already in November of 2011, 8 start filing survey. It is reported SolarWorld are also in the lobby, the world's largest European market,Extension cord from China to the photovoltaic products "three-mirror" (antitrust, anti-dumping and countervailing) survey, once China response to U.S. trade lawsuit adverse,power strip is likely to be the eu a lift, at the appointed time in China market timely start of photovoltaic, China pv industry may be devastating blow. The U.S. is expected to "double reverse"Electronic Mosquito-Killer case will continue to in the third quarter of 2012, photovoltaic industry of China, the impact of may include:


2011: Indian China textile trade protection active

On November 19, in India originating in China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea's nylon filament yarns made the final the sunset anti-dumping review. China's ruling to India dumping nylon filament yarn established, dumping is recognized for 29%, not China enterprise respondent. Face violent protectionist measures, Energy Saving Light how to avoid with anti-dumping investigation? And how to deal with? The export of textile clothing enterprise, it only brave face, and actively responding, neither is the solution.


Medicine foreign trade facing way transformation

In recent years, the global pharmaceutical market change and our country medicine internal and external factors such as strong domestic demand development under the joint action,Booster cable our country medicine import and export trade realize more increase substantially. This year 1 ~ 10 months, pharmaceutical import and export total $59.349 billion, an increase of 39.66%. Among them, the export $36.297 billion, up 35.87%; Imported us $23.052 billion, an increase of 46.08%.


China's foreign trade was first issued a white paper

Ten years is also the wto of China's foreign trade "golden decade". On this important occasion, the Chinese government on 7 December was first issued "the Booster cable foreign trade the white paper". The white paper says that, since 2001, China's total import of goods expanded 5 times, the average annual growth of 20%, China's rapid expansion of imports has become an important impetus for the world economic growth, China never painstakingly foreign trade surplus. By the end of 2010,Extension cord China's accession to the world trade organization commitment of all to be completed.


ITC cutting that the us will early photovoltaic "double reverse" after all

A few days ago, the United States international trade commission to China at the beginning of the solar cells to lose substantial damage caused by the relevant industry, the ruling means that the United States will continue to lose the ministry of commerce of China beauty solar cells on anti-dumping and countervailing "Germany extension socket double reverse" survey. The United States international trade commission says China's import products to the American solar manufacturers form "harm" or "harm threat". Electronic Mosquito-Killer Of China's ministry of commerce of the United States at the beginning of the cutting deep concern about the results.


Lingshou Auto Trade City will build the industrial chain, after market services

  21, held Lingshou Heaven Auto Trade City, Hebei, five mountains Hotel, comprehensive development of indigenous companies, rings and other industrial recycling economy demonstration areas focused on four key projects to start-cum-Heaven Auto Trade City, Hebei projects ceremony. Zhang Shifeng, deputy director of Municipal People's Congress, Vice Mayor Zhang Shu-chi, Vice Chairman of the Korean city of ground-breaking ceremony of the Charter were invited to attend.


With fame Humen "test the water" large children's clothing business

   "We want to help Humen garments especially for casual clothing, women's reputation, hatched more to the country and the world of its own brand children's clothing." Yesterday, in large Ying Oriental International Trade City, the fourth floor of clothing, wholesale children's clothing try to join Centre industry celebration. Dongguan, which filled the large children's clothing business has been empty since, since then,Booster cable Humen "Chinese garment city" of the enriched content.



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