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LED lighting Pan furniture industry needs to carry out the depth of cooperation

During the National Day, many people are traveling, and I have no time due to the weekdays busy work, home decoration good three months house to buy furniture. Now take this holiday time to buy furniture. Great music from the Energy Saving Light furniture market, a little "ten changjie" is not an exaggeration, most shop lights, energy-saving lamps, halogen lamps led a lot of the LED lighting. Lighting from the overall point of view, we can see that 80% of the store with the lights unprofessional. A fellow business imitation of the Ming and Qing Dynasties mahogany furniture, call about we go sit in his showroom. So, we go out of his shop, we are talking about for a long time, and had a good talk.

Shandong twelve WuJian the largest bauxite import trade base

The "eleventh five-year plan" period, the port of longkou cargo throughput from "15" at the end of the 16.02 million tons of increased to 50.3 million tons, increased 2.1 times;Booster cable Asset size from 1.86 billion yuan to 6 billion yuan, increased 2.2 times. Rapid development and at the same time, longkou port positive plan to modern logistics center, port of strategic transformation, and through the central African grocery liner, build bauxite, coal, liquid chemical, wood five big characteristic brand logistics chain, Extension cord and enrich the service connotation, power strip has to create "' pack cement 'handling efficiency", Electronic Mosquito-Killer "china-africa grocery liner", "wood the whole logistics service", "bohai gold waterway container transport service" four shandong provincial service brand, and through the establishment of modern logistics financing platform for port customers with high quality, fast and efficient capital support, the advantageous increases the port competitiveness.


Spot observation: ignore the oil back spot continue to rise

【 spot observe 】 this day domestic plastics raw materials market roughly as follows: by 1 June 15, China plastic price index fell 0.16 points to 923.77 points, plastic spot index rising in 1.06 points to 1127.33 points.

A stronger-than-expected employment market data does not arrive the influence of the euro fell, the oil price floor trading on the New York mercantile exchange before tumbled, floor trading after opening, the U.S. official data suggest that crude oil and oil products in the United States last week inventory growth and demand fatigue,Germany extension socket support the international oil price declines. Thursday, jan. 5) New York commodity futures exchange XiDeKeSaSi light oil in February 2012 futures to settle at $101.81 a barrel, than a trading day before dropped $1.41; The intercontinental exchange London brent crude oil futures in February 2012 to settle at $112.74 a barrel, Electronic Mosquito-Killer than a trading day before dropped $0.96.


China's publication go out: to the world speak good "Chinese story"

"We have for western book market no positive spread Chinese culture and resentful, we had to edit translated and published Chinese culture go out products through countless sleepless nights,Germany extension socket we have worked for the construction of the western mainstream sales channels to experience the eight miles on clouds and, we have in the New York metropolitan museum of art bookshop see the central shelf on display when the books published with tears reveal the truth." Shanghai news publishing company general manager of the development WangYouBu words, recognizes the China news publishing enterprises to go out of the pain and the joy.


Steel: traders collective steel price or continue to wait standoff

The core ideas:

1, we think that the recent steel market because traders watching and continue to collective in a stalemate; Steel plate for continuous and valuation of year low, if the market rally,Energy Saving Light steel shares with the power of a rebound, but space in general.


Pakistan plans to restore to the European Union cold chain strengthening export trade

Pakistan (MFD) are Marine fisheries and the United Nations industrial development organization (UNIDO) consultation, plans in December 31, the European Union to submit a hazard analysisBooster cable and critical control point (HACCP) Extension cord report to seek the resumption of the eu aquatic products export trade.


Commercial companies into Russia faced its trade barriers

   Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin recently visited a steel company Magnitogorsk workers, said that foreign car manufacturers in the Russian market received "treatment" requirement will not change, Russia's accession to the WTO will not sacrifice their own automobile business interests. Russia, a foreign car manufacturers in Russia's annual production of about 30 million cars or 60% in Russia used auto parts, Electrical sockets in order to obtain the import tariff.

Watch: Guangdong cast stainless steel Metro emerging industry cluster

   4 people in Europe every year in the use of stainless steel kitchen set is the production of new towns. Town as the production of stainless steel lock high-tech products in the Hollywood sci-fi blockbusters ... ... In recent years, Yunfu City, Xinxing town through the implementation of the new "technology shangxingzhen" strategy, to build a town of industry; strengthening of regional science and technology innovation system,Germany extension socket vigorously develop the characteristics of professional stainless steel town; scientific and technological progress, and continuously improve their capability of independent innovation and industrial competitiveness, promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, stainless steel, cast stainless steel with local characteristics, "Metro" to promote the economic and social rapid and healthy development.


RE prices fell two months in March as traders store goods evaporation 5,000,000

    It is understood that some rare earth separating enterprises Ganzhou has stopped purchasing ore, rare earth mining companies due to upstream mining index has been used up, and over-exploitation of the ore can not provide invoices, resulting in lower ore smelting companies can not be included in the cost of procurement.


China Leather Association members will publish the list of foreign traders are not honest


  Booster cable   As the past two years, frequent fluctuations in the international market, raw hides, some irregular, the integrity of the original leather traders do not use low price to induce domestic firms to enter into a contract, and then delivered shoddy. In the buyers claim them,Extension cord these traders tend to delay or refuse to provide reasonable compensation to the skin problem, so that domestic enterprises have suffered substantial economic losses.



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