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The inductance acts inductor function and purpose

 Inductor (inductor) is used to provide the inductance of the device, a variety of insulated wire wound coil called inductive. Its main role is resistive AC pass DC, resistance to high-frequency pass low frequency means that the high-frequency signal through the inductance coil will encounter a lot of resistance, difficult to pass, while the resistance presented by the low frequency signal through it small, i.e. the low-frequency signal can be more easily through it. Inductance shunt capacitor coil DC resistance is almost zero.

New energy storage devices: capacitance-type lithium-ion battery

How to overcome each of the lithium-ion battery and supercapacitor performance deficiencies, and complementary to, and is a the battery many researchers in the field tireless pursuit of the goal.
    Design and manufacture of a capacitance-type lithium-ion battery

International hardware and tools trade exhibition blockbuster attack

The western international hardware and tools trade exhibition will be in the year 2012,Battery clips March 15, the mystery veil. Western China international equipment manufacturing industry exposition (hereinafter referred to as the west system expo) is by the People's Republic of China approved by the ministry of science and technology, Energy Saving Light the China council for the promotion of international trade, the China machinery industry federation and the development of the equipment manufacturing industry in shaanxi province, the people's French type socket government of the leading group of chengdu, xian city people's government sponsored, a year two terms in the spring and autumn in xian held in chengdu international equipment manufacturing industry exposition, is a collection of product exhibition, trade order, academic discussion, investment negotiation and technical Well Socket cooperation for the integration of industry meeting.


Iraq trade is not affected Japan imported Iran to suspend the crude oil

Foreign ministry spokesman a. i. tauber ed. recently at the news conference, announced that should be vice premier wang qishan invited, President Obama and special representative, finance minister cover Turner in January 10 to 11 days to visit China. Period, more than the Chinese leaders will separate meetings with cover TurnerBooster cable , the two sides will u.s.-china economic relations, the world economic and financial situation of exchange opinions.


Diplomatic documents revealed that day-U.S. textile trade negotiations there is difference from the start

According to the diplomatic documents released on Thursday showed that in the 1960 s to the early 70 s of the Japanese-the U.S. textile negotiation into muddy from the start, Booster cable because the two country's leaders there were extensive differences.


Hangzhou steel trade money dealer test the water supply chain financing

  Recently, Hangzhou in foreign steel markets, dealers Lu Zhonghua several consecutive shipment, $ 10 million, and he will actually use more than 300 million working capital.Energy Saving Light Zhejiang Orient Group, and thanks to Jen companies in Zhejiang and a specialized service for small and medium steel traders move.


China-Russia trade and cooperation prospects medicine

   China is the world's pharmaceutical power, the field of medicine strong foundation. China has more than 4,800 GMP standard pharmaceutical manufacturer, part preparation companies through the EU, the United States and other countries and regions GMP certification. About 1,500 kinds of raw materials to produce Booster cable drugs, more than 4,000 finished products, more than 8,000 kinds of Chinese medicine, and vitamins, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, steroids, etc. have a comparative advantage.


Platform to boost foreign trade international steel giant Hebei

    Hebei's crude steel output is comparable to Japan and the U.S. Asia-Pacific region is an important iron and steel manufacturing base, every day, dozens of tons of iron ore from overseas Caofeidian Port, Rizhao Port, Tangshan and Muan landing type of steel, while every day there several tons of steel through Caofeidian Port,Energy Saving Light Tianjin Port, etc. are sold around the world. By iron ore, coal, steel and other sectors, Hebei steel prices and international steel market place and resources are inextricably linked, French type socket and self-controlled foreign trade platform for overseas operations of the bridgehead.


First half of 2011 textile trade friction encountered multi-

    According to statistics, first half of 2011, three cases of foreign initiated safeguard investigations, are involved in China's textile industry. Together for the January 13, 2011, Turkey launched the "clothing and accessories" Booster cable safeguard cases; together for January 13, 2011, Turkish for "fabric" of the safeguard measures initiated cases; with Indonesia on the "Extension cord canvas, and synthetic shade awning "safeguard measures initiated by the case. Above three cases were ruled. Filing the first half of 2011 the number dropped 40 percent from a year earlier. China launched another three from abroad to make the final ruling of thepower strip trade remedy cases, respectively: April 5, 2011, Brazil to China, "synthetic cloth" anti-dumping cases initiated to make sure of Electronic Mosquito-Killer the final ruling; February 9, 2011 Indonesia, China "cotton yarn" cases initiated safeguards to make sure of the final ruling; March 23, 2011, Indonesia 'cotton woven fabrics "cases initiated safeguards to make sure of the final ruling.


Best Business Mid-Autumn Festival gift of world-renowned German porcelain

   Speaking of white,Germany extension socket we tend to think first of five porcelains of Ding white porcelain. In fact, white is not thriving. World-renowned Dehua white porcelain, known as "China White" in the international community more "Oriental Art" in the world.



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