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2011 national agro-industry Investment and Trade Fair press conference

   July 26 was held in Beijing

    Henan People's invite all the friends together and seek common development Zhumadian

    Gao Hongbin, Car wash brush vice minister of Agriculture Vice Chairman of Henan Province, Jin Sui, and other leaders to do special release


Limited Edition 118 yuan a bottle of mineral water, supermarket sales of "luxury water"

   Limited edition sneakers, limited edition bag, limited edition dolls, limited edition can of mineral water you heard of it?

    Last week,Energy Saving Light friends Eva in a forum made a post to show that she was photographed from a supermarket by a group of photos. Photo is beautifully packaged in a variety of mineral water, mineral water, several times the ordinary price of even a few times. She laments: "Now, even mineral water are so high, ah."


Vodafone HTC patent battle converting cancel EVO 3D reconciliation listing

    HTC today correspondent conference held soon, and then focus on patent disputes. Citigroup Global Securities Asia-Pacific upstream Booster cable and downstream manufacturing industries, chief analyst Zhang Kaiwei that the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) 25 日 S3 acquisition of HTC sue Apple infringement ruling point of view, the establishment of infringement is limited to Apple MacOSX operating systemExtension cord and HTC operations not related to Apple iDevice products in which this point of view not much likelihood of reconciliation between the parties. Telecommunications industry Vodafone (Vodafone) has canceled high-level models EVO3D HTC listed fear of the impact kinetic energy of HTC products in the second half, give or sell rating.


Shanghai Science and Technology Chung Cheng JC-3MS paint light of recommendations

    Shanghai Zhong Cheng Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1998. Inception, we actively introduce high-end European car warranty equipment brands, as well the selection of high-end auto repair business and cost-effective professional service testing equipment. We continue to refine the classification of vehicle repair and maintenance services, and so selection of equipment. After 10 years of hard work, the following service areas has become a specialist supplier of equipment.


Japan's imports from China Rare Earth said it would decline to find new sources

 According to the Reuters report on July 28, 28, Japanese Finance Ministry data showed Japan's imports from China in June, decreased theBooster cable amount of rare earth 13%, is second consecutive monthly decline, the highest since February of this year's historical low. The Japanese side said it is rare to other suppliers to reduce dependence on Chinese rare earth.


To force triple play Internet TV industry will usher in new era

   As the temperature of triple play, IPTV, both typical of the performance of "Internet TV", the user via the Internet to get high-quality digital media services. But the difference is that traditional television, home users can have a very wide range Germany extension socket of control freedom, to achieve substantive interaction. IPTV for broadcast television and now, back to watching TV programs on-demand film drama, and some thematic elements, like shopping, gaming, home karaoke OK, stocks, etc.


China's steady rise of automobiles and auto parts exports wider opportunities abroad

   China's auto output and sales reached 18 million last year, is expected to reach 20 million this year, with production and sales increasing, Booster cable with Beijing and other cities the purchase of the launch or brewing, automotive products abroad as a hot topic.


Air-conditioning in the second quarter export boom is expected to decline in the third quarter is generally

   The second quarter of 2011,Electrical sockets exports of Chinese domestic air conditioning climate index report showed second quarter, exports of household air-conditioning climate index 107.11, higher than the reference value 7.11, slightly higher than "normal" range, compared to the first quarter of the economy fell. Among them, the manufacturing costs to improve the performance indicators are still "poor"Electronic insect killer performance of the remaining seven indicators are "general." In addition to the eight export price index was flat with the previous quarter, Extension cords and earnings improved slightly, Extension socket the other homogeneous quarter on quarter decline.


LED hundred Feast: Seeing China only the third LED 150 billion industry

   "Global 100 Award LED applications" can be said to show "LED world power" contest. Following the first application of LED LED Forum and the Global 50 companies named in October 2010 after the success of "World LED Times" Energy Saving Light and hosting the second session of the Forum and LED applications, LED application 100 Global Award. Why so seriously LED applications? This is because we see the development of LED application difficult and broad future, will hold its second LED applications LED Forum and theFrench type socket Global 100 Award application designed to allow the downstream business in the industrial chain, "stand out."


Cold-rolled sheet Shichangzhouping (07.15-07.22)

   Rose steadily this week, the domestic cold-rolled, slightly heavy volume of transactions, merchants took will increase, domestic and foreign good,Booster cable bad mixed hedge. International: the U.S. and Europe at the three major economies are "debt." Three major economies on sovereign debt risk is a major threat to global economic recovery; Bernanke want to welcome the third round of the quantitative easing to refuse the attitude blurred; June average daily production record high global crude steel; the world's major National car sales growth slowed in the first half, China, India and other emerging countries a marked decline in sales growth; iron ore supply, India JSW forced to cut production, is expected to export Indian iron ore this fiscal year, down 25%; South Korea the central bank raised inflation expectations. China: the China Iron and Steel Industry Association data show thatExtension cord nationwide crude steel output in early July to 1.955 million tons, down 3.1%; second and third tier cities in prices led the nation, the purchase of ready to fly,power strip or bad for the Steel City; demand, incompetent, ex-factory price of steel plate prices in August were down; steel weak exports, ease the pressure on tariff adjustments; Baosteel steel cut into the housing market, the revenue target the 100 million yuan; report praised the National Federation of small and medium enterprises survive the current difficulties over 2008 years.




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