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Coconut, Hainan Island, involved in the grain mass transfer of shares in the possibility of large grain disk access

   To search for a breakthrough into the liquor industry, in recent years came with the food "scandal" of the liquor business constantly, but did not "fruition.Electric mosquito killer " This time, it is the object of a new health scandal wine industry's only listed company in Hainan Coconut Island (600 238).


India wants to take away from the hands of 10% of China's garment export business

     As India's second largest industry, job creation, the Indian garment industry is now about 700 million Indians to provide employment opportunities.crystal block In addition, exports are growing, which is India's economy is good news.


Footwear revenues increased proportion of accelerated into the third-tier cities

   Belle International announced the first half of the 26 performance report, the data show, Belle in the first half revenues of 13.89 billion yuan, Car wash brush up by 11.153 billion yuan over the same period in 2010 increased by 24.6%; net profit of 2.007 billion yuan, compared to 2010 on 15.56 billion yuan in six months by 29%.


Platform to boost foreign trade international steel giant Hebei

    Hebei's crude steel output is comparable to Japan and the U.S. Asia-Pacific region is an important iron and steel manufacturing base, every day, dozens of tons of iron ore from overseas Caofeidian Port, Rizhao Port, Tangshan and Muan landing type of steel, while every day there several tons of steel through Caofeidian Port,Energy Saving Light Tianjin Port, etc. are sold around the world. By iron ore, coal, steel and other sectors, Hebei steel prices and international steel market place and resources are inextricably linked, French type socket and self-controlled foreign trade platform for overseas operations of the bridgehead.


China's trade surplus to GDP has dropped to 1.44% this year, will continue to decline

    Beijing, August 24 (Reporter Lei Min) Ministry of Commerce spokesman, said Shen Danyang, 24, in recent years, China's trade surplus-GDP ratio declining from 6.7% in 2008, Germany extension socket dropped to 2.2% in the first half of last year, then reduced to 1.44% during the first half of this year, this proportion is expected this year will decline further.


With fame Humen "test the water" large children's clothing business

   "We want to help Humen garments especially for casual clothing, women's reputation, hatched more to the country and the world of its own brand children's clothing." Yesterday, in large Ying Oriental International Trade City, the fourth floor of clothing, wholesale children's clothing try to join Centre industry celebration. Dongguan, which filled the large children's clothing business has been empty since, since then,Booster cable Humen "Chinese garment city" of the enriched content.


Net library opened the 100 cities and enterprise marketing training off

   August 25, autumn is cool, Tan Kwai fragrance, guided by the Ministry of Commerce, organized by China Electronic Commerce Association, China's leading domestic B2B e-commerce service provider network library host China, iResearch, China Union Pay, Sinotrust Group, China SME Business Association organized the "cutting-edge e-commerce to support China's 100 cities and promote the engineering enterprise marketing training will be"Booster cable kicked off in Beijing.


Rare Earth "pet" downstream SMEs "in perpetuity"

     Since January, there has been strong rare earth products higher. Among them, the highest increase of dysprosium 715.79%, the metal rose as high as 429.41% neodymium. But since late July into the general decline of rare earth products. Among them, metal prices drop of 11.11% neodymium,Germany extension socket dysprosium oxide price has fallen by 10.40%, neodymium oxide offer 1.3 million / ton, the cumulative decline 11.86%. The rare earth market into correction phase. At the same time, the state has increased supervision and control of rare earth industry. Ministry of Industry and led the six ministries jointly issued a circular calling for since the August 1 order, which started production of rare earth special rectification action, mining and smelting of rare earth separating enterprises unplanned, above-plan production, purchase and sale of illegal exploitation of rare earth minerals investigate Electronic Mosquito-Killer and punish such acts. Ministry of Environmental Protection has released "Guide to Rare Earth Enterprises verification environment", involving all the rare earth business, 1 / 3 of the companies have to focus on improvement.


Steel industry trade market again in the paper "fraud wave"

     In the recent period, I received a reader calls, reflected in the steel business activities in the bills continue to experience fraud. I visited a number of steel trading company, we found that result in fraud-prone steel city for many reasons, but with the current situation in the industry are inextricably linked. Booster cable I broken down into smaller, the paper conducted a thorough investigation of fraud cases.


Guangzhou Trade Garment City: navigation brand clothing wholesale market in China

    "No country will have such a large Chinese garment manufacturers and wholesale scale!"

    Wholesaler Surge protector socket of brand clothing from South Africa Amy ? Dan King exclaimed, "a number of garment production base, the design and manufacture of ultra-fast speed, convenience of transport and logistics, covering the global apparel brand, a huge export trade, which is China's clothing wholesale the most attractive source of the world's eye. "




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