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China copyright trade deficit narrowed but responded to improve still

Recently, some in the industry say, at present, China's export value books is not enough, the performance in the copyright of low prices, the export product structure is unreasonable, homogeneity competition problems such as serious, the future of China's news publishing industry "go out" to be from quantity growth turned to the connotative development road.


The energy industry: march oil production and trade data comment

China's crude imports continued high, reflecting China's total crude oil reserves increase

China's crude oil imports in March of 5.57 million barrels per day, be in February after the second high history. China's crude oil manufactured and march to 9.07 million barrels of oil a day, and we are close to the previously predicted, and confirms our refinery maintenance of increased and march low oil refining margin in oil manufactured the judgment of the downturn




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