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To change and improve opening to the active levels and level

In the economic globalization and foreign opening deepening conditions, "1025" period, our industrial opening up has come to improve the quality and level, and attract foreign investment and foreign investment both the new stage, we must practice more active opening strategy, in order to expand the opening of the industrial structure adjustment and promote development mode change.


The two countries manufacturing trade way each are not identical

According to the productive forces and the innovation ability manufacturers alliance (MAPI) of a new report, in 2011 China in expanding its manufacturing products export to lead in the United States.

MAPI points out, although in 2011 the United States manufacturing exports increased to $1.147 trillion, but its manufacturing total trade deficit increased to $463 billion, up $48 billion. In 2011 the United States manufacturing exports rose by $123 billion or 12%.




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