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The policy bias enterprises LED SMEs are still dependent on exports

The environment is the rapid deterioration of the debt crisis export largest region is spread to China and Africa, export orders fell sharply, mainly in overseas markets LED lighting industry in China dropped to its lowest. It is the 111th Canton Fair Cable Reel Type Socket data display, LED business orders from Europe and the United States dropped three Daosi Cheng. Export downturn, the continuous introduction of favorable policies in May, to the troubled green LED lighting industry hit Christmas Lamp a shot in the arm, and also Electronic Mosquito-Killer makes more companies began to look to domestic market.

The spring blossoms outing to go outdoors gifts to greet selling

Since 2008 the State Council, the Ching Ming Festival adjusted to statutory holidays, spring family outing had become the custom. Chinese outdoor market in 2009 total sales of 4.85 billion yuan, an increase of 32.88 percent compared to Booster cable total sales of 3.65 billion yuan in 2008, this high growth trend will continue. Ching Ming Festival, it is the people around the picnic outing, picnic, Zijia peak of outdoor supplies selling season.

In guangdong province footwear trade export among the top

May 23,-22 of the guangzhou international shoes, leather and industrial equipment exhibition will be on May 30 to June 1, held in guangzhou. Reporters from the conference yesterday that, in the current environment of internal and external factors background, China's foreign trade has still footwear great achievements,Vehicle-pulling Rope...

Singapore fashion trade fair will be the blueprint to consumers open

Asian fashionable exchange season (AsiaFashionExchange-AFX) one of the four big fashion activities-BLUEPRINT fashion trade show (BLUEPRINT) will open up tomorrow for consumers from the "department store" (Emporium) view. Next two days, Singapore's fashion fans and visitors can in Singapore to new city international conference and exhibition center BianLan, buying more than 200 women's, men's clothing and shoes bag accessories brand, most of the overseas designer brands have not yet had sales in Singapore.


Hangzhou fair every article (15) : ZhongJiang international

At the global, it is the cause of the pilot project; The velvet sky, it is the brightest stars.

Time flies, and thirty years, let the jiangsu international have national central investment project tendering agent, the central unit of government purchasing business agent, tender engineering bidding agency etc many bidding agent class a certificate.


China exported 110000 tons of copper "soft BiCang" failure

China exported 110000 tons of copper, "soft BiCang" failure. A source says China smelting manufacturers and traders to London metal exchange (LME) of about 110000 tons of south Korean warehouse shipment refined; And according to some large smelter trading manager says, the domestic four large smelter has according to a duty free program, their export around 20000 tons electrolytic copper, the rest is through the traders from Shanghai bonded warehouse to export.


Th review: oil prices fall significantly PE market continue vulnerable

A, market and reviewed in this paper

The international oil prices, Asia naphtha closing price falls, the Asia market closing price fall). May 7 major manufacturers PE ex-factory price stability, linear, high pressure mainstream prices steady, low pressure part cut brand. PE spot market price for break. An option to continue to the downside. Global economic worries heating up, cause oil prices slump, futures confined accept low. High and low voltage linear in the 100-200 fall yuan/ton, businessmen see is empty, actively maintain low profits to the shipment of the inventory; But terminal wait-and-see attitude highlights, enquiries rare, clinch a deal last cold and cheerless.


The Chinese are willing to more Russian imports with high technology content and electronic products

Vice premier li keqiang 28 and Russia's first deputy prime minister, rove common attend Schwartz in Moscow at the international trade center between trade and investment promotion conference opening ceremony, and publication entitled to promote trade and investment cooperation between China and Russia to a new level of speech.


Downstream demand low plastic traders maintain low inventory

Recently, the futures daily reporter with dalian Commodity Exchange, Shanghai futures trade council coalition of fact-finding mission, the research on the plastic industry chain. In the research of the reporter understands, downstream demand by purchasing the influence of light, LLDPE supply, at present the plastic traders in low inventory of the basic state.


According to the 2012 global numerical control machine production technology and trade status

CNC cutting processing with high efficiency and good quality, low cost advantage and for the domestic numerous mechanical processing and the surrounding industry place favour. Due to introduction CNC cutting technology and related equipment is not a long time, after nearly 10 years of digestion absorption, domestic a batch size, strength of the production enterprise to begin to roll out have completely independent intellectual property rights of the nc cutter brand, and gets the recognized by the market at home and abroad.



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