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Metal spraying plating process

Metal spraying with compressed air or an inert gas to the molten corrosion metal sprayed onto the metal surface to form a protective coating process. Metal spraying, the plated material in specialized spray sink or gun melted and atomized, and injected into the base material, such a surface decoration method is spray gun sometimes also referred to as metal spraying. Usually using an oxygen - acetylene flame, but sometimes also use Surge protector other gases. When the plated metal automatically feeding the wire through the flame core, the wire is melted and simultaneously the compressed air stream atomized and sprayed onto the base material. Almost any kind can be made of metal wire, the metal can be used Repair Tool such a method of spraying. Another spray gun using the powdered material through the flame jet out. The advantage of this method is not only capable of metallisation, but also to sputtering the metal-ceramic composite material, oxide and carbide.

Foreign trade the grim situation steady export policy details revealed three points

In the severe situation of foreign trade, the ministry of commerce, jointly with relevant departments of the research firm high-profile export policies. Now the policy has been clear details, will from expanding export credit insurance coverage, the to foreign trade enterprises implement differentiation credit, simplified export tax refund program focus on three aspects.


TDI anti-dumping beauty frequency wave trade "stick" China counterattack

Four days, the United States launched against China lost beauty products five up trade relief case: March 19 to 20,, the United States has made four anti-dumping or countervailing ruling, that China steel wheel, lose the solar cells, galvanized steel wire and fluorescent whitening agent there existed a dumping or subsidies behavior; 22, again, the Commerce Department announced that to China lost beauty stainless steel control on the sink subsidies and anti-dumping "double reverse" survey.


In February 2012 with the steel supply and demand analysis and home appliances price trends

In February 2011, electrical steel market prices rose after the first turn. Earlier this month, the domestic electrical steel market price 200-300 yuan/ton, of which 800 brand price once approached 6000 yuan/ton. Terminal market demand around the Spring Festival performance in general, and the enterprise to the current price to accept a limited degree, and the overall market delivers poor. The middle, circulation field electrical steel spot price in support of lack of demand under the condition of high rushed back quickly. B, market price after continuous callback, basic return to a relatively rational level.Spray stick...

Competition from point to chain competition stone material industrial chain integration

As China stone material industrial increasingly prosperous, stone material with its irreplaceable advantage, and cement, steel, ceramics, building materials are equally important, and with its own advantage among the international market. By 2011, China stone gross consumption, already 7 years among the world's first, becoming the world's largest stone consuming countries. In the last ten years, the average annual growth rate of dosage of stone were greater than 9%, and the momentum has been increasing dosage stone material to be appreciated. At present in the stone only more than 400 million square meters of the sales volume, ceramic tile is the sales of 8 billion square metre; But in 2010 the national scale above (sales income is 5 million yuan of above) stone material enterprise sales income amounted to 207 billion yuan, and the same year ceramic industry sales more than 300 billion only.


Chinese professional audio market in 2011, a conclusion and data presentation

In recent years due to the development of China's economy and recreational and sports career drive, China professional audio industry keep growing trend. In 2011, despite the world economic recovery slow, the global economic recession, but comparison, Chinese professional audio industry market remained stable development situation,Electronic insect killer...

Zhejiang taizhou last year the potential home appliance mould plastic mold export growth of 29%

Taizhou 2011 foreign trade import and export total $20.504 billion, a 20.6% increase from the previous year. The export of total $17.035 billion, an increase of 22.0%. Annual foreign trade enterprise exports of $2.603 billion, up 14.4%; Foreign invested enterprise exported us $2.707 billion, up 8.2%; Production enterprise exported us $11.725 billion, an increase of 27.6%. In total exports, the general trade export $15.383 billion, up 22.9%; Processing trade export $1.648 billion, an increase of 14.3%. The main export products, automobile and motorcycle and parts, household appliances, ship, plastic molds and export respectively 41.9% increase from the previous year, 29.7%, 29.4% and 29.0%. In 2011, the total import and export performances have 4136 enterprises, an increase of 317 families, with the import and export enterprise have exceed 10 million us dollars in 429. Export countries and regions has reached 208.


Printing industry related policy review a week

Cross-border trade RMB settlement extended to all import and export enterprise

The central bank, the ministry of finance, the ministry of commerce, general administration of the customs and state administration of taxation and banking regulators have jointly issued the export trade in goods to about RMB settlement enterprise notice on the management (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"). "Notice" says with the import and export business qualification of enterprise but according to "cross-border trade RMB pilot measures for the administration of export goods in trade RMB business. Have the import and export of the printing related enterprise, can focus on the policy.


Shunde white electric export industry innovation ability and the low end thwarted shortage

Shunde area is the national famous refrigeration appliances production base, the first half of 2011, shunde area export white home appliances like air conditioning, the refrigerator to undertake a year growth momentum, continue on a strong growth, export batch and value of more than the previous year's exports are all year; The second half of the international financial market because rain brought back, the second time in the fed quantitative easing results and the third time the prospect of quantitative easing, the international market will cause widespread concerns about so inflation and global stagflation; Plus a Labour shortage, prices of raw materials and the exchange rate of the yuan, enterprise independent brands and innovation capability is not strong and other factors, make shunde air conditioning, the refrigerator exports have been highs phenomenon, export prospects is not optimistic.Extension cord...

Guangxi in multi-channel service force to help foreign trade clothing enterprises expand export

In recent years the lingshan county implementation "trade service optimization project," leave no stone unturned to expand exports,Extension socket pull the county foreign trade growing rapidly. Spray stick In 2011, the county industry park of complete infrastructure construction is 104 million yuan, pull the enterprise investment is 587 million yuan; For the enterprise report small and medium-sized enterprises international market development fund 400000 yuan, regional development of foreign trade and economic cooperation promotion fund project seven; Realize the import and export of 32.68 million us dollars, accounting for 145% of the task,Mop year-on-year growth of 117%, ahead of 2 months surpass the task. Since this year, the county foreign trade export presents good posture.



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