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Industries stainless steel cabinet industry norms need to be further upgraded

    Stainless steel cabinets stainless steel kitchen utensils from the hotel dining hall evolved the concept of the family reference and stainless steel cabinets wood cabinets later than the formation, probably formed in the late nineties of the century.
   Power distribution unit Popular in a certain range is not bad, because about two-fold: First, it strongly modern metal style, the deep love of modern and stylish atmosphere favorable for persons; two wooden cabinets is affected by the induced easy on the influx of crack, just to make wood cabinets stainless steel defects, Power socket so the original only in hotel restaurants and canteens class stainless steel kitchen cabinets was introduced among the ranks of the family came.

   Power strips China's stainless steel production enterprise of many cabinet industry, competition is fierce, but mainly in Zhejiang and Shanghai as the center of East China, Ratchet straps Tianjin, Hebei, northern China as well as the center of Fujian and Guangdong in southern China as the center. China's stainless steel cabinet industry few large companies,Ratchet tiedowm only 15.5%, the majority of SMEs. This shows that the development of China's stainless steel cabinet industry has yet to be standardized, industry needs to upgrade.

    In recent years,Remote control socket China's steel industry due to eager to expand the scale of the cabinet, resulting in lower capacity utilization, only 60% more. With reduced export tax rebates, the companies have to think rationally, adjusting their development strategies,Saving power socket upgrading industry, innovation, Solar lighting capacity utilization.

    Stainless steel cabinet industry is facing many risks.

    As China's stainless steel cabinet industry is a typical export-oriented industry, so the first two years of the current financial crisis and rising prices of raw materials and property regulation, Soldering irons the international macroeconomic situation of China's stainless steel cabinet industry caused immeasurable impact:

    International demand.

    By the financial crisis, the United States, Japan, Europe, the three major trading partners demand fell sharply in the international market to shrink. Although the current global economy is gradually recovering,Spray stick but in the short term risk of a crisis is still there. In this context, the cabinet of stainless steel industry will inevitably lead to international demand,Spray sticks resulting in China's steel enterprises lack of export orders, profitability declined.

    Trade frictions.

    Trade protectionism is rampant, exacerbated trade frictions. Trade friction with the world or a country's economic development was proportional, but economic development is good, trade friction will be reduced, when the economy weakens, Surge protector socket the trade friction will be intensified.

    Cost pressures.

    With iron ore prices and the associated increase in labor costs, pressure on the face of energy conservation, Tow rope the steel industry by further regulation, steel prices have been unable to avoid, this series of factors have led to stainless steel cabinet is facing unprecedented cost pressures ,Tow ropes together with the disorder competition within the industry to make more difficult the development of stainless steel cabinets.

    China's stainless steel cabinets above the risk facing the industry, in response to the plight of the financial crisis,Trouble light exports, nine are Xiaobian that, whether business or government should be of considerable importance, to take the necessary measures to revive China's stainless steel cabinet industry.


    Industrial upgrading and sustainable development.

    Stainless steel cabinets enterprises to actively carry out industrial upgrading, capacity utilization, the bigger and stronger,Zapper the establishment of resource-saving industries, the development of environment-friendly industries, based on optimization of industrial structure,Zapper trap lamp to achieve low resource consumption, little environmental pollution and achieve sustainable development.

    Enhance the value-added products.

    Contraction in the domestic and international background of the consumer market, companies should try to achieve product innovation to attract consumers. Key investment products, including complete sets of products and European and American styles of products. The cost of a single product, both in terms of profits less the same sets of value-added products are generally higher, coupled with more investment; there is a growing pursuit of life, art, highly respected European and American fashion, interested in investing in consumer products, less risk.
    Choose the Founder entered into the assets of China's Hi-Tech cited reverie.
    "Scandal" bear fruit.

    February 24, China Hi-Tech (600730.SH) announced that the controlling shareholder of Shenzhen Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. formal and Cannon Founder Group equity transfer agreement reached, it holds 24.37% of the shares of listed companies to transfer all of Founder Group .

    And for the three months before the October 12, 2010, to clarify the Founder Group, China High-Tech injection of assets may be hearsay, and that no assets within three months into the program.

    Soon as he was in the past three months, rumors have come true. Founder Group, the news release sent to media, said, "China's Founder Group Hi-Tech's major shareholder, the listed companies will follow as soon as possible to promote adjustment and change its main business to meet the interests of all shareholders, which will the future development of China's Hi-Tech inject new vitality. "

    Prior to that, there are rumors that China's lack of clear long-term high-tech Master tech industry business integration, from the injection of Founder Group, Founder of international software companies started some quality assets.

    February 24, a Founder Group, told reporters that the senior people, not heard these rumors, "what action the next group, level of listed companies from disclosure of information in strict accordance with the provisions of the Commission to notice."

    Shadow of the company return.

    In fact, the Founder Group and China Hi-Tech Sources greatly.

    Information provided by Founder Group, China High-Tech in 1992 by the Ministry of Education and Shanghai Municipal People's Government's proposal, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and other 36 co-sponsors of the famous institutions of higher learning founded by the 174 colleges and universities investment in shares and units of the University Technology Enterprise.

    Founder is one of its main sponsors. However, in 2003, declared its withdrawal, will be cheap to be a controlling interest in Shenzhen Cannon, when the transfer price of 2.5 yuan per share.

    Subsequently, it began a few years, "ambiguous period."

    Since 2003, repeated as the Founder of China Hi-Tech (600601.SH) to provide a huge bank loan guarantees. According to Founder of the announcement, which is only four months after the beginning of 2005, as the Founder of China Hi-Tech to provide a 1.5 billion bank loan guarantees huge, Founder signed a 50 million yuan with the mutual insurance agreement, also signed 120 million yuan mutual insurance agreements, purchase of assets of 46 million yuan Founder.

    In addition, executives from both companies to contact, also can be seen between the Chinese High-Tech and Founder of the "ambiguous" relationship.

    China Hi-Tech transferred after former chairman Fang Zhonghua and continue to serve Founder Technology Founder, Chairman, Founder, Senior Vice President since the side I also served as the former major shareholder of China Eastern Time High-Tech Investment Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager. Also served as chairman Fang Zhonghua during the China High-Tech, had part-time Founder's another listed company, Department of Southwest Synthetic (000788.SZ) chairman.

    Accordingly, in the eyes of the industry, has been the China Hi-Tech as a "Founder line" in the A shares of the troika (Founder, Southwest Synthetic, China Hi-Tech) is one.

    China Hi-Tech The "return" costly.

    China Hi-Tech Announcements, Shenzhen Cannon Tech it holds 24.37% equity interest in China, a total of 7,149.37 million shares, for a total price not less than 5 million transferred to the Founder Group, the transfer price.

    Founder of changes in equity through this, will hold 24.37% stake in China's High-Tech to become the controlling shareholder. In accordance with the transfer of the corresponding total more than 6.99 yuan per share price for the stock's latest closing price of 8.23 yuan to 85%.
    Assets into reverie.

    In this announcement, the Founder Group is committed over the next 12 months, the Chinese Hi-Tech's internal assets, integration, when conditions are ripe to be relevant, choose the assets into the internal quality, bigger and stronger public companies.

    Founder Group's pass is issued to the media in the introduction, in 2009 from the Founder's three-year development strategy can be seen, the transition will be investment holding group, has its IT, medical pharmaceutical, real estate, finance and produce five industry groups.

    "In the industry consolidation process, the Founder Group, high-quality resources will gradually be listed, but also through the acquisition of listed companies to provide a good platform for industry consolidation."

    Although the signs reading "Tech" the shining word, the Chinese Hi-Tech has been operating regular domestic commodity trade, warehousing and real estate-related and high-tech non-core business.

    Third Quarterly Bulletin revealed that three quarters of 2010, China Hi-Tech is only 4.56 million yuan net profit, compared to same period in 2009, about 70%, mainly due to the real estate business during the reporting period the company is basically in the immersion phase, resulting in the company of the real estate business sharp decrease in profit contribution.

    As a result, the market will be injected into China's Founder Group, the assets of Hi-Tech is full of longing. And looking at various types of assets, the Founder Group, has its own carrier.

    Founder Group's IT industry has been the Founder of listed companies as a leader in the field of digital publishing and take advantage of the integrated circuit industry.

    Medical medicine, they have been synthesized by the carrier Southwest listed companies, Peking University International Hospital Group, the overall market has already started.

    In real estate, location is the northern city operators Resources Group is its development platform, or the subject of real estate control policies, currently no action in the capital market, the future is still unknown.

    On the financial front, the Founder Group has made a license than the whole of the financial resources and with Credit Suisse, Bank of East Asia, Fubon Financial Holding and other famous international financial institutions to cooperate in efforts to promote the Founder Securities are listed on the work of the IPO.

    In addition, the Founder Group's strong profitability of the software outsourcing business has become the focus of public attention.

    Prior to that, there are rumors that the business of Founder Group Founder perpetrators of some of the International Software Co., Ltd. Hi-Tech high-quality assets into China. This can not help but let the market "imagination."

    Public information display, Founder International Software Co., Ltd. has more than 1,700 technical team, and eight cities in the domestic and international delivery platform built in front of the research and development base, the current focus for the media-oriented, intelligent transportation, health care, financial , e-commerce and other areas of software and information services.

    February 24 announcement the same day, China Hi-Tech will come to a resumption of trading limit, to close at 9.05 yuan, rose 9.96%.

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