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« Accelerate the increase in the footwear industry to focus on brand valueITC sued Apple for infringement of a formal investigation the case of Samsung »

U.S. to suspend trade in the phenomenon of leather fur prices lower

    Large transactions this week, Germany extension socket United States is almost over. Vendors sell products feel very much a reason to raise prices again; buyers feel that they buy things very much, no reason to cut prices or to buy things.

     Following the goodElectronic Mosquito-Killer sales momentum after two weeks, power strip there has been a temporary suspension of the phenomenon. Most of the price than the 10 days before the price is slightly lower, and "suspected" Extension cord the actual transaction price (It is believed that many of the transactions as the price reached) is slightly lower than the price.

     Said that many wetBooster cable blue is still looking for new packaging business owners / tanners warehouse owners.

     The end of this week, slaughter capacity of 651,000 head, less than expected.

     According to reports, the number of cattle in the United States in June this year at a historical low, all less than one million species. Than July 1, 2010, down 1.4%. Slaughter of more than initially planned to be (so now there are more raw skin), due to the high cost of feeding them, as well as severe drought conditions in southern (and therefore hides was reduced).

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