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ITC sued Apple for infringement of a formal investigation the case of Samsung

   Beijing July 28, Wednesday,Booster cable the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) announced that it will sue Apple Samsung infringement to conduct a survey.

     June, Samsung sued Apple infringement, and to ban Apple's products into the U.S. market. Samsung thinks Apple iPhone, iPad,Extension cord iPod products, and copying "Samsung's many innovations." For every high-profile litigation with, ITC almost have to investigate,power strip so that the investigation does not seem significant. In general, ITC's final decision will be announced in 16-18 months. ITC said on Wednesday that decisions will be "the fastest possible time" came out, and promised to start the investigation within 45 days to determine the target date. The case will be handed over to ITC Administrative Law Judge is responsible for five,Electronic Mosquito-Killer they will schedule a hearing and then make a preliminary ruling by the ITC all members of the review.

     This first patent war provoked by Apple. April 15, Apple in U.S. District Court Northern District of California filed a lawsuit patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung and trademark rights, said Samsung's Galaxy family of products in the packaging, product appearance, user interface and application design and other aspects of serious plagiarism iPhone, Germany extension socket iPad other related products. The face of Apple's complaint, Samsung actively responding. April 22, Samsung in South Korea, Japan and Germany to Apple filed counterclaims, alleging that Apple iOS devices, including products, including patent infringement, involving allegations of cover virtually all of Apple's smart phone and tablet computer products. So tense bilateral relations.

     June 28, U.S. time, Samsung has officially filed in the United States to the Apple patent infringement lawsuit against Apple's iPhone and iPad Samsung violated many patents to the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) complaint, to ban United States Apple allegedly infringing technology imported equipment, the two sides of the conflict from escalating further.

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