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Coveted Chinese food and beverage industry trend of foreign mergers and acquisitions frequently lift

  The face of China's huge food and beverage market, more and more foreign investors showing strong interest. Recently, Nestle said it would $ 1.7 billion (about 111 million yuan) Hsu Fu Chi acquired 60% stake, in addition, Nestle said in April this year acquired 60% stake Yinlu case has now entered the second phase of the Ministry of Commerce review. Nestle acquisition pile behind the two,Germany extension socket in recent years, foreign acquisition of domestic food and beverage companies surging.



    Activity of history's most

    "Foreign mergers and acquisitions are strategic, here mainly refers to the industrial distribution and competitiveness improvement. Electronic Mosquito-Killer Foreign M & A is certainly not to deliberations, only for a little profit." Foreign Economic and Trade University, Associate Dean Fan Libo said.

   power strip This view can be found from Nestle confirmed. Since 1998, Nestle acquired the domestic chicken brand in the industry 80% stake in Shanghai Le starting wife, Extension cord Nestle has been in China quietly layout. In 1999 Nestlé acquired the brand in Guangzhou, Guangdong's largest ice cream Wuyang 97% stake; 2001 acquisition of the second-largest chicken producer in Sichuan Hodge 60% stake; 2010 the acquisition of mineral water brand in Yunnan 70% stake in the mountains of Yunnan; 2011 4 On the acquisition of the largest producers of milk rice pudding and peanut Yinlu 60% stake ... ...

    "Foreign Booster cable investment into China market, never stop the pace of China's food industry mergers and acquisitions, and in recent years, China's booming food and beverage industry is gradually attracting the attention of foreign investment." Consultants in the food industry researcher week course thinking told reporters.

    Clear Research Center study shows that in 2006 the first quarter of 2011, foreign food and beverage industry mergers and acquisitions occurred on more than 21 events, mergers and acquisitions totaling $ 2.045 billion. M & A side, mostly the international food and beverage industry giants such as Danone, Nestle, Asahi Breweries, Lotte, InBev, etc. ChinaVenture investment in the Group's statistics show that since July 2008, China's food and beverage industry a total of 221 merger cases, of which 195 domestic mergers and acquisitions, accounting for 88%; immigrants from the acquisition of 18, accounting for 8%; exit from M & 8, accounting for 4%.

    Since entering in 2011, food and beverage industry, cross-border mergers and acquisitions continued to be active, activity was reached record levels. Statistics show that since 2011, food and beverage industry, has disclosed 11 cases of cross-border M & A cases, beyond the seven in 2010. Among immigrants, mostly mergers and acquisitions, including the food, light food and other exit mergers and acquisitions.

    M & A environment changed quietly

    Following the March 2009 Coca-Cola acquire Huiyuan is whether, after nearly three years have been eight cases of foreign acquisitions of domestic food and beverage brand case, in which five approved and three are pending status. Passage of time, to the industry from the perspective of national policy, on foreign mergers and acquisitions have become more rational, M & A macro environment has changed.

    Research Center of the Ministry of Commerce, deputy director of Heman Qing multinationals in a recent interview, said the acquisition of Nestle and Coca-Cola to buy Huiyuan Hsu Fu Chi different periods, the Government on foreign acquisition of domestic well-known brands of psychology is relatively mature. Previously opposed foreign acquisitions of domestic industry leader, is afraid of endangering industrial safety. Now more and improve relevant policies and regulations, the state has adopted to encourage foreign investment last year, 21 mergers and acquisitions, management of foreign mergers and acquisitions has become increasingly standardized.

    "Food and beverage industry, a very high degree of market competition is very full, on the strength of foreign companies relative to private enterprises is not dominant, even if the market can not get a monopoly pricing, the future will have more of substitute products or new brands emerge . "ChinaVenture investment in the Group's chief analyst Li Weidong said.

    From the Department of Commerce issued in recent years, the foreign investment norms of view, the trend has become apparent release.

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