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Cold-rolled sheet Shichangzhouping (07.15-07.22)

   Rose steadily this week, the domestic cold-rolled, slightly heavy volume of transactions, merchants took will increase, domestic and foreign good,Booster cable bad mixed hedge. International: the U.S. and Europe at the three major economies are "debt." Three major economies on sovereign debt risk is a major threat to global economic recovery; Bernanke want to welcome the third round of the quantitative easing to refuse the attitude blurred; June average daily production record high global crude steel; the world's major National car sales growth slowed in the first half, China, India and other emerging countries a marked decline in sales growth; iron ore supply, India JSW forced to cut production, is expected to export Indian iron ore this fiscal year, down 25%; South Korea the central bank raised inflation expectations. China: the China Iron and Steel Industry Association data show thatExtension cord nationwide crude steel output in early July to 1.955 million tons, down 3.1%; second and third tier cities in prices led the nation, the purchase of ready to fly,power strip or bad for the Steel City; demand, incompetent, ex-factory price of steel plate prices in August were down; steel weak exports, ease the pressure on tariff adjustments; Baosteel steel cut into the housing market, the revenue target the 100 million yuan; report praised the National Federation of small and medium enterprises survive the current difficulties over 2008 years.

    Electronic Mosquito-Killer 22 Myspic index 175.9 points, up 0.51% last week; flat timber index 151.9 points, up 0.4 percent last week; long steel index 200.8 points, up 0.6 percent last week. As of press time, 1.0mm cold-rolled sheet highest, lowest, respectively Shijiazhuang market in 5800 yuan / ton and Wuhan market of the 5230 yuan / ton. 1.0mm cold plate volume nationwide average price of 5451 yuan / ton,Germany extension socket up 29 weeks of the chain yuan / ton.

    This week the local higher domestic cold rolled coils, extended last week's decline in individual regions. Specifically: East China rose slightly, or the basic 30 yuan / ton; South China market rose significantly, with the Guangzhou market, up 50 yuan / ton; South market rose sharply, including Wuhan rose 60 yuan / ton, the largest increase in the region; North Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, the market rose more than 100 yuan / ton, the largest increase in the country; southwest of Chengdu, the market only rose 20 yuan / ton; the Northeast market is basically stable; Northwest local market rose significantly, Lanzhou, which rose 50 yuan / ton.

    [East China East China market this week the market price of cold rolled coils have increased steadily, turnover improved, robust business mentality. According to Mysteel statistics show that the leading cities in East China is 557,250 tons cold-rolled stock, reduce 02,100 tons last week. Although the East this week has shown a steady growth market cold, but most traders said the overall deal and did not meet expectations, the market has not fully rolled out of the woods. On the one hand, the central bank to raise interest rates several times after the emerging market funds face tightening, capital costs, while steel companies are also constantly rising labor costs; the other hand, China's manufacturing PMI in July a year down the first time since to below 50, indicating that manufacturing activity slowed the momentum, which means that the rebound in industrial production in June is only temporary. In addition, China's automobile production and sales in July is still in the doldrums, home appliance industry is also entering a period of adjustment. In summary I believe that the short-term cold-rolled coil prices rebound strongly support the lack of demand, is expected to continue under the Zhou Huadong cold market will trend slightly higher, rebound conditions are not met.

    [North Market North Market this week and cold-rolled prices extended gains, turnover improved. At press time, the market price 5430-5480 Angang 1.0mm cold plate yuan / ton; 1.0-2.0mm cold rolled prices in the 5300-5350 Shougang yuan / ton, the day of iron, steel prices in the 5280-5300 Tang yuan / ton, including Steel 5300 yuan / ton, up from Friday's 100 yuan / ton. Since the market price of cold-rolled north last week, after bottoming out this week to pull up quickly, but the shipping market point of view, the low areas can still be traded, high resources are relatively weak. Prices rose this week to promote the main factors: First, the arrival of small steel mills, part of the business stocks, size of stock, it can be sold too few resources, Huojin price Yang, the current 1.0-1.5mm cold roll out obvious; two , and other related varieties of hot-rolled continuous rise to cold-rolled market has played a positive role in boosting; three steel mills in August ordering policies have been introduced, the basic level to push-based, including Anshan Iron and Steel SPCC1.0 prices for the 4570 yuan cold roll / ton steel SPCC Material 1.0mm cold river volume order price 5250 yuan / ton; clad SPCC1.0mm cold volume orders for the 5410 yuan price / ton.

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