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China's steady rise of automobiles and auto parts exports wider opportunities abroad

   China's auto output and sales reached 18 million last year, is expected to reach 20 million this year, with production and sales increasing, Booster cable with Beijing and other cities the purchase of the launch or brewing, automotive products abroad as a hot topic.


    According to the Chinese Chamber of Commerce announced auto branch of China's auto exports in 2010 Annual Report, with the national economic recovery, China's auto export base from the financial crisis, began the steady rise. Among them,Extension cord car exports have accounted for one-third of China's vehicle exports are expected to become China's next major export vehicle models.

    Annual Report 2010, China exported vehicles (including complete sets of parts) and various types of chassis 566 700 units (units), an increase of 52.86%, export value of $ 6.985 billion, an increase of 34.5%. View from the export volume, power strip automobile exports before the financial crisis has not been restored to the highest level, but the recovery rate has been considerable, we have reversed the trend decline in exports in 2009, an increase from negative to positive. It is understood that, Electronic Mosquito-Killer since 2002, China's exports of complete vehicles (including complete sets of parts) from the 20000, 48000, 78000-172000 increased rapidly to 2006 has reached 340,000. 5 years, has increased by more than 20 million. Of course, these increases are implemented on a low base, and the rapid growth of the domestic market is too little than too little.

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    2010, China exported 180,000 cars, the amount of $ 1.276 billion exports, respectively, compared with growth of 75.67% in 2009 and 58.79%. Which, 1.0L-2L displacement of cars in China accounted for more than 90% of all car exports. From the regional distribution of exports in 2010 China's car has been exported to 135 countries and regions, but the products exported to developed countries very little car, which, to Russia, Chile, Iran and Brazil's exports increased considerably.

    In export prices, the report data to reflect, in 2010, China's auto exports overall average prices decreased substantially, down 12%. Prices vary depending on the model, medium and large buses and mini buses, the average export price has increased slightly, 3.7% and 5.5%; the price of other models are falling. Among them, the average export price of $ 7,093 cars, down 9.6%. Thus, our products win more than the price of export models, mostly low-end products, difficult high returns.

    Have to say that, due to export a small amount of many companies overseas, and there is no perfect sales and after-sales service system, and exported overseas is "Figure reputation", affecting the credibility of China's automobile overseas. China's exports of cars to middle and low, mainly for developing countries and regions ... ... Although the figures are rising, but vehicle exports to the Chinese auto companies, it is still a start. Need to develop automobile exports, while exports to pay attention there have been disorder problems. Car is durable consumer goods, there are up to ten years service issues. Did not make enough talent in the preparation, technical preparation, product preparation, marketing preparation, especially after-sales service network to prepare the case, the blind expansion of exports, will pay a heavy price.

    Foreign experts said that if China wants to enter the market that the major developed countries is quite difficult. China is now exporting more and more things, especially in the automotive industry. From a trade perspective, most countries will focus on three things, first of China's foreign exchange policy, and then consider the relative or the Chinese yuan is undervalued, so that people make Chinese exports more competitive; second point is China's commitment to the trade market, especially in intellectual property need to be improved; third aspect of the greater proportion of China's auto exports, these exports will drop the price of cars, China's auto market share in foreign countries the more the importing country the more likely the Chinese automotive exports create certain obstacles.

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