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Japan's imports from China Rare Earth said it would decline to find new sources

 According to the Reuters report on July 28, 28, Japanese Finance Ministry data showed Japan's imports from China in June, decreased theBooster cable amount of rare earth 13%, is second consecutive monthly decline, the highest since February of this year's historical low. The Japanese side said it is rare to other suppliers to reduce dependence on Chinese rare earth.

    Extension cord Published data show that Japan's imports from China in June of 1368 tons of rare earth amount than the amount of 1592 tons of imports in May fell nearly 13%. A Japanese trade officials in Tokyo said: "In June imports of rare earths from China decline,power strip indicating that the rare-earth price is too high for Japanese consumers." He also pointed out: "If the earth has been in a high priceElectronic Mosquito-Killer Japanese consumers China rare Earth will be on whether to purchase the sidelines. "

    Germany extension socket It is reported that Japan said the Chinese government since the price of rare earth after the intervention of Japanese consumers is difficult to expect the price of rare earth again. Japan hopes the market price of rare earth in accordance with "the law of supply and demand" pricing. Meanwhile, Japan is planning to seek more rare earth suppliers to reduce Japan's dependence on China Rare Earth, Rare Earth programs including recycling business subsidies, and investment alternatives to reduce the development of rare earth-related companies in Japan the demand for rare earth.

     August 25-27, in Ganzhou, Jiangxi, the business community is organizing the "China Rare Earth Market Development Forum", all parties were invited to seek common development.

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