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Shanghai Science and Technology Chung Cheng JC-3MS paint light of recommendations

    Shanghai Zhong Cheng Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1998. Inception, we actively introduce high-end European car warranty equipment brands, as well the selection of high-end auto repair business and cost-effective professional service testing equipment. We continue to refine the classification of vehicle repair and maintenance services, and so selection of equipment. After 10 years of hard work, the following service areas has become a specialist supplier of equipment.

     Germany extension socket Brand: Strong God JUNCTION

     Model: JC-3MSA / C

     JC-3MS paint lamp uses the latest, specially designed halogen shortwave infrared tube developed from it is very important, and is a highly efficient body repair equipment. The device of the preferred two-component paint baking results, also very suitable for water-soluble paint baking.

    Electronic Mosquito-Killer Features:

    power strip Lamp switches control three separate corners can be adjusted to the launch tube 90 can be rotated 360 degrees from the pressure transmitting tube support strut, up and down freely manipulated to facilitate the two timers can be controlled warm-up, the whole thermal process, automatically convert any part of the car body can be baked, including the roof, hood.

     Extension cord Technical parameters:

     Irradiation distance: "400mm

     Putty baking time :5-7min

    Booster cable Primer baking time :6-8min

     Finish baking time :9-12min

     Power: 3 * 1000W

     Power supply: 220V50HZ

     Baking area: 1m * 0.8m

     Intelligent electronic control panel: key input, digital display, intuitive and accurate semi-hot, full-time were pre-heat, the lamp automatically switches three independent control and power button instructions stored in the five working modes to facilitate the call from the show and the actual baking automatic control (optional) with pause, stop and convenient way to restore power adjustable.

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