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Vodafone HTC patent battle converting cancel EVO 3D reconciliation listing

    HTC today correspondent conference held soon, and then focus on patent disputes. Citigroup Global Securities Asia-Pacific upstream Booster cable and downstream manufacturing industries, chief analyst Zhang Kaiwei that the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) 25 日 S3 acquisition of HTC sue Apple infringement ruling point of view, the establishment of infringement is limited to Apple MacOSX operating systemExtension cord and HTC operations not related to Apple iDevice products in which this point of view not much likelihood of reconciliation between the parties. Telecommunications industry Vodafone (Vodafone) has canceled high-level models EVO3D HTC listed fear of the impact kinetic energy of HTC products in the second half, give or sell rating.

    power strip Zhang Kaiwei further pointed out that, in addition to negative ITC decision, the carrier did not even behind the HTC signs, according to the professional website reports (Engadget and CNETUK) the world's largest telecommunications industry Vodafone (Vodafone) has Electronic Mosquito-Killer canceled high-end models EVO3D HTC listed. Although Vodafone's argument is that the abolition of EVO3D listed because HTC delays. But from another point of view, as EVO3D products will be driven by the second half of the kinetic energy of the HTC key modelsGermany extension socket , and if not listed in August, Samsung GalaxyS2 synchronization in the market competition, then follow-up there in September to iPhone5 listed in October, after the pursuers before rival, HTC fear will impact the second half revenue performance.

     Zhang Kaiwei analysis, although the emerging markets in 2010 Samsung and Apple to market the HTC does not have much impact, but in 2010 the annual growth in the second half smart phones reached 80% -90%, while the penetration of smart phones may also will increase, coupled with Nokia's market share has been divided up various manufacturers, Samsung and Apple anticipated new product launches HTC will definitely have an impact on operations in the second half, so it is given to sell rating and target price of 927 yuan.

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