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« HTC sue Apple in the UK or to balance the bargaining positionTextile and garment industry to actively cope with the pressure of RMB appreciation »

Import and export trade expansion for the clothing trade of intellectual property locked

    With the continuous expansion of garment import and export trade, further liberalization of foreign trade rights, clothing Germany extension socket import and export patterns are changing, diversified development of the whole situation. Some specialize in professional business clothing production,Electronic Mosquito-Killer import and export of clothing and some just for agents. These companies have high and low qualifications, credit system, quality management standards also vary,power strip the situation becomes more complex enterprise, the challenge inspection of garment exports in the growing, clothing import and export trade violations have occurred, particularly related to intellectual property fraud line is noteworthy.

    Extension cord Not long ago, Jiangsu, according to a report to the police seized fake designer clothes online sales of major, on-site items seized were 97 brands, Booster cable 35 categories of 19 376 international brands, the goods only at a discount price of listed online , amounting to more than 5,000 million related to the brand, "Armani", "Versace," "Prada," "Gucci", "Burberry" and other international brands of goods, the principal was sentenced to prison 5 years and fined $ 5 million. Jiangsu Province, a fine from this highest of intellectual property rights infringement case brought us a lot of warning.

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