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Trade friction and the special safeguard measures to limit clothing exports Hebei

     Hebei Province from January to May there are 938 textile enterprises above designated size (excluding leather, fur, feather products manufacturing company) where the textile industry 701, textile and garment, footwear products manufacturing 201,Germany extension socket chemical fiber manufacturing industry 36. 938 into the main system enterprises achieved a total business income 47.679 billion yuan, up 38.32%; profitElectronic Mosquito-Killer of 2.337 billion yuan, power strip up 49.18%; profits and taxes 3.34 billion yuan, up 41.39%; 87 loss-making enterprises, an increase of 11.57 %; the total loss of 105 million yuan, Extension cord down 36.89%. "Trade friction, especially Paul limit the occurrence and presence, making Hebei exports hampered to some extent." Hebei Booster cable Province Textile Association, the experts, at present, China's textile and garment industries for trade protection measures are mainly technical barriers approach. Especially from the physical and chemical indicators, safety indicators, environmental indicators such as high technology, quality requirements for imported products coded again, and to strengthen and strict testing of imported products. As a result, the textile industry has greatly increased the province's manufacturing export enterprises difficult, no doubt raise export manufacturing costs, an increase of export risks.

     The latest set of data also confirmed this view. Textile and apparel exports in Hebei Province in May, $ 389 million, a decline of 9.91%, of which textile exports $ 142 million, a decline of 13.84%, apparel exports $ 248 million, a decline of 7.50%.

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