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China Leather Association members will publish the list of foreign traders are not honest


  Booster cable   As the past two years, frequent fluctuations in the international market, raw hides, some irregular, the integrity of the original leather traders do not use low price to induce domestic firms to enter into a contract, and then delivered shoddy. In the buyers claim them,Extension cord these traders tend to delay or refuse to provide reasonable compensation to the skin problem, so that domestic enterprises have suffered substantial economic losses.

     Leather China Leather Industry Association as an international trade association chairman units, power strip the last two years has been working through international trade disputes between the parties platform to help mediate the problem. But some traders to carry out the work process through repeated coordination, in its breach of contract, evidence of trade under the premise is still the sincerity to solve the problem.

     In order to maintain fair trade, protect domestic interests of members from unnecessary losses, the China Leather Association was decided, for the behavior of these types of traders to take notice of the members of the blacklist within the management system.

     China Leather Association recommends that all member transactions with foreign traders to enter into trade contracts should be carefully and avoid using negative terms to resolve disputes. (6 recommended the use of international contracts, and pay attention to testing, the choice of arbitration) in the dispute, it is timely to collect evidence,Electronic Mosquito-Killer negotiate with the seller. Experience can not agreement, then it promptly report the situation to the China Leather Association, the Association will be through international leather industry trade association trying to help solve the problem. Last seen as the problemGermany extension socket can not solve the above-mentioned situation, the China Leather Association, will be based on the fact that the relevant member released a list of traders are not honest, as a warning to domestic enterprises, from further losses.

     This month, the China Leather Association members will be notified within the recent order of the blacklist, the relevant member companies want to be concerned.

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