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Guangzhou Trade Garment City: navigation brand clothing wholesale market in China

    "No country will have such a large Chinese garment manufacturers and wholesale scale!"

    Wholesaler Surge protector socket of brand clothing from South Africa Amy ? Dan King exclaimed, "a number of garment production base, the design and manufacture of ultra-fast speed, convenience of transport and logistics, covering the global apparel brand, a huge export trade, which is China's clothing wholesale the most attractive source of the world's eye. "

    Spray sticks Dan King with the words, the Chinese brand clothing wholesale market is created and brought together a wealth of treasure.

    No opportunity to copy the times call for wholesale clothing shopping leader

   Spray stick The current surging Chinese clothing wholesale industry, wholesale brand clothing is very popular, mainly due to the increasing accumulation of wealth, and awareness of the brand and pursue careers intensified.

    Soldering irons Reporters learned that the 2008 financial crisis, China's processing or OEM companies to seek survival and development opportunities, Solar lighting they realized that the best way out is to build the brand in the face of adversity, of which the most effective and efficient manner in which a is relying on the wholesale market platform, unique to China, to build their own brands.

   Saving power socket "How to export-oriented commercial enterprises to the domestic market, the most effective and quickest way is to rely on the wholesale market platform, unique to China, quickly building its own brand." Industry analysis.

    In fact, Remote control socket Guangdong clothing wholesale in 2003, "SARS" after relying on the industrial base within a year, quickly Humen, Zhongshan, Xintang, Dalang, Ratchet tiedowm Puning and other industrial city of the formation of wholesale markets, a very busy moment. But since 2008 the world's financial turmoil, Glam hangers industrial base factories have closed, leading industry cluster effect is gone, the major shopping centers also will decline.

   Flash lighting "The biggest reason is that in China, wholesale brand clothing industry sector, the lack of a brand of clothing wholesale market can be Extension socket a carrier pilot." Some industry experts point out that the times are urgent call for landmark wholesale stores.

    The total is well known, China's commercial center in the Pearl River Delta, Pearl River Delta trade center in Guangzhou, Extension cords and now, a landmark wholesale clothing store in Guangzhou has finally been born, is the city of Guangzhou World Trade clothing.

    Electronic insect killer Strength sits, 28 million square meters of brand clothing wholesale base off again

   Electrical sockets Guangzhou Liuhua district compared to the traditional clothing wholesale city of Guangzhou Trade Garment City is standing on the shoulders of giants came into being.

  Clothes hangers ;  Size of 280,000 square meters building, nearly 3,000 shops and Offices of the large scale, nearly 20,000 square meters of logistics Car wash brush and distribution center, about 3,500 parking spaces, nearly 7 meters shops storey design ... She will carry Chinese brand clothing wholesale historical opportunity to take off again.

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