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« China import and export trade in goods increased 4.8-fold the scale of ten $ 3,000,000,000,000China is not a dumping ground for the world steel industry, iron and steel trade remedy cases »

Cotton City: imported cotton traders increased pressure to speed up delivery

   According to the survey,Clothes hangers such as Turpan to Korla, and after another batch of two, three new cotton market, a number of Mainland Automotive timely manner, using complementary cotton cotton stocks, coupled with the mainland orders only cotton generally considered short-term support to 10 in late May, and cotton in Shandong and Hebei, Electrical sockets the weather began to clear up expected 19, so last weekend, Qingdao, Zhangjiagang and Shanghai stock sales outside the cotton began to decline, turnover from the previous high-grade American cotton, cotton, Australia, India to the low-cost cotton S-6, the West African cotton shift.

     19, Zhejiang,Electronic insect killer a large domestic traders said on Tuesday, Wednesday outside the company's average daily trading volume of spot cotton in 3000-4000 tons, so on Friday the Indian cotton, Extension cords American cotton, the overall increase in price of cotton in West Africa 200 - 300 yuan / ton; but 17-18 is substantially reduced turnover, turnover fell to Qingdao port 300-400 tons per day,Extension socket some small traders have said that the real needs of downstream customers and funds do not support the rising cotton prices , inquiry, and signing a few days ago of cotton are more cautious.

    Flash lighting At present, most foreign investors interested in 2011/12 U.S. cotton dropped significantly. According to statistics, as of August, only the number of Chinese companies to cancel the contract on to reach 20 million tons,Glam hangers one is worried about the U.S. because the length and grade of cotton imports from China can not achieve the standards of business contracts,Ratchet tiedowm from January to May next year is expected to be difficult delivery and Chinese companies do not agree to adjust supply, foreign-initiated termination of the contract;Remote control socket the other is the market for cotton in China is also growing concern of declining, part of the cotton business since March 2012 that the market there is a big variable,Saving power socket import large quantities of lint on far greater risk, so companies take the initiative to abolish import procurement contracts.

     Soldering irons It is reported that on September 16-18 domestic cotton spot outside the main port to port volume continues to increase, mainly a few large foreign bonded,Solar lighting as quoted in the shock stage, and did not meet its sales expectations, so foreign investors do not Australia eager to offer high-grade cotton and U.S. cotton port price,Spray stick but the hoarding to be up. Most of the internationalSpray sticks cotton merchants that China's 2011/12 cotton consumption in 9.2 million tons or 900 metric tons a year.

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