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« A sharp decline in profits converted purchasing steel trading businessEuropean and American imported wood products companies concerned about the timber trade barriers »

A sharp decline in profits converted purchasing steel trading business

   Squeezed not only by the domestic steel mills, and steel traders, steel mills to the maximum extent possible to ensure their own profits, traders had to change the past,Electrical sockets with the signing of long-term agreement to adopt a more flexible pricing means. I learned in the investigation, desperation, some traders have begun to change jobs.

    In an office building near the Shanghai Railway Station, 5th and 10th floor is made of steel trade of the two companies, Mr. Duan is that the president and directors of both companies, but he is also the Shanghai Federation of Iron and Steel International Chamber of Commerce president.Electronic insect killer Close to 7 o'clock at night, the lights are still here, many employees are working overtime, but Mr. Duan told the author, now steel trading business is not good to do.

    Hemmi,Extension cords President of the Trade section of the blue told white rule, the original purchase amount of Benxi Iron and Steel has 65 million tons are now reduced to 40,000 tons of steel we had with the procurement of sand visited 100,000 tons a year now we have almost zero .

    Mr. Duan said,Extension socket make their own steel business has been 30 years, with several large domestic steel manufacturers have long-term relationship, however, in recent years he has felt unprecedented pressure.Flash lighting This year in particular,Glam hangers the downstream market decline in steel prices, shrinking demand, in this case, purchases greater loss of more. In response to the current unfavorable situationRatchet tiedowm the company had to increase the international purchasing and steel futures volume of business.

    Remote control socket Hemmi on the governance section of the Blue White Trading Co., Ltd. President told the writer that I am today, the market price is 4600 ton, steel is 4900 to give traders time, Saving power socket traders are 4900 of you when you have to pay when your hands money, you have a loss in the book of nearly 300 yuan a ton.

    I found in the survey, Solar lighting the face of increasingly light business,Soldering irons some of the companies engaged in steel trade switch, but the trading company as a financing platform. As long as the volume of trade reached a certain standard, you can get a certain amount of financing to invest in other projects.

    Metal Materials Co., Ltd. Spray stick Shanghai Ye Hui Wu Fangyun manager told the author, our company's procurement in the past year, mainly in the steel mills based procurement procurement procurement of parts into the market because we think it will be more flexible and better control of risk to .

    Spray sticks A steel trader privately told the author, the industry there are two procurement methods for a direct purchase stock from a steel mill, then retail, jargon is called "Duan Panzi";Surge protector socket another called "moving bricks", mainly from Another trader at purchase. Steel, good times, traders direct procurement, market is bad, they chose to move bricks. Although a small profit, but it can ensure that every one can make money. And once the market decline, traders are losses.

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