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European and American imported wood products companies concerned about the timber trade barriers

       Subject to the influence timber origin, material environmental certification and a series of export barriers, Europe and the U.S. Booster cable timber imports in the furniture export business of the widespread concern. According to reports, sales agent in China, Europe and America involved in timber imports of wood species including the North American red oak, white bolt, European red beech, white beech, pine and so on.

     China is a net importer of timber. As China's existing forest resources can not meet the community demand for wood, wood imports increased year by year,Extension cord especially in high-grade wood basically have to rely on imports. In China, producing high-end furniture, cabinets, flooring and other products, especially exports to power strip Europe and other developed countries and regions, wood products, the very strict quality requirements of raw materials, compared to European and American imported wood favor of these enterprises more vulnerable to .

    Electronic Mosquito-Killer The industry believes that recent past, Europe and North America increasing trade barriers on imports of timber sales in the country play a catalytic role. European and American origin of wood that are recognized by the importing countryGermany extension socket and therefore conducive to doors, cabinets, furniture and other wood products export.

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