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Overall crack online trade legerdemain

In the network trade to our traders who brought convenient and income has also given an unscrupulous businessmen, make the normal trade behavior cast a shadow over. In order to help honest businessman to polish eyes to see through the outlaws and company cheating trick, possible reducing the risk of the network trade, Germany extension socket reduce the loss, and work together to build a safe and effective network trade environment. Editor specially summarizes seven big classical deception to the good faith businessman after reading this has a sudden enlightenment.

Legerdemain and features:

1. Mass stimulation to the person very enthusiastic type,Electronic Mosquito-Killer for the products of your company is interested, the first to come to call to order, large quantity, inventory new goods had swept, sign a purchase and sales contract such a strong desire. Of course these are in he didn't see sample, not to send someone to actual investigation under the condition of the decision.

2. Serial set model an unexplained someone please when he distributor,power strip and some active advertise for you, help you make money, just when dealers less than a week, there were far apart of a company you order one people, not only a large quantity and to pay the payment, seems to be firm earn not to compensate business.

3. The commission for this kind of company general type with x border under the banner of the foreign trade company, with north Korea order bait, after signing the contract, let the customer to have the goods sent to the north somewhere, and then, with north Korea party in China to pay for inspection commission reason, or money. Extension cord If you pay the commission, he just find a reason quality or packing problem said, goods don't!!! If you don't pay the commission, goods, and pulled back the freight, energy wasted.

4. Cheat to eat drink't fool fool type of money and cheat a meal and cheat a few to smoke, first commonly under emergency your x product, the product is very good said meet their requirements,Booster cable and then, with "as the first cooperation, product specific number according to the samples quantitative, preliminary plans by 00000 people, carry out at the currency as soon as possible." Words make the other company send samples in the past, then if you send him, he would say sample acceptance, that we'll go to sign a contract. And what will give leadership said gift, please eat.

5. State banner of type x city comprehensive wholesale state-owned enterprise, under the x fertilizer plant, x agricultural materials company, x energy supplies company, x building materials company abandoned. You is what the product production, they have corresponding trade goods and materials companies. Give a person a kind of strength, good reputation first impressions are most lasting effect, then not cheat samples, is alcohol and tobacco, eating and drinking such fool.

6. Luxury ZhangYan type typical don't say everybody is also very clear is the economic and trade cooperation group NDN shenzhen well dean company, shenzhen Abby ai company, ABA international affiliated company, they are both in the shenzhen international trade building to rent a whole layer of floor, decoration style, staff, more than telephone, enterprise samples. First of all to you send a fax, said there is foreign customers need this product, would you please fax your company information and legal name card etc material, if you fax the past, they will be in ErSanTian send a invitation letter within, would you please to shenzhen interview, if you go to, they will ask for their 5000 to 10000 yuan of referral deposits.

7. Strategic transformation type such company name and address in the company is willing to spend idea, XXX foreign trade corporation, industrial products (grain and oil products) foreign economic trade integrated company, x foreign trade company or x foreign trade company x branch company name keep transform; And address nothing more than x itc building, x municipal (county) foreign trade building or economic and trade building.

The recruit ChuXie:

1, sample arrived at only a few days, namely the order, or to ask the past sign a contract, and the basic situation of our company to do investigation.

2, the order quantity is big, far outweigh what industry characteristics, a large enterprise use determines the enough for a long time, but each other often say is foreign trade export needs.

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