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Guangxi in multi-channel service force to help foreign trade clothing enterprises expand export

In recent years the lingshan county implementation "trade service optimization project," leave no stone unturned to expand exports,Extension socket pull the county foreign trade growing rapidly. Spray stick In 2011, the county industry park of complete infrastructure construction is 104 million yuan, pull the enterprise investment is 587 million yuan; For the enterprise report small and medium-sized enterprises international market development fund 400000 yuan, regional development of foreign trade and economic cooperation promotion fund project seven; Realize the import and export of 32.68 million us dollars, accounting for 145% of the task,Mop year-on-year growth of 117%, ahead of 2 months surpass the task. Since this year, the county foreign trade export presents good posture.

In order to help settle enterprise provides the omni-directional service, lingshan county channels to raise money, in the county industrial park construction by cement, special wire, telecom cable, street lamp,Ratchet tiedowm water supply pipe, the public service infrastructure.

Implement the project application pull enterprise management strategy, strengthen the enterprise to settle policy support and sincere for small and medium-sized enterprise enterprise report international market development funds and regional development of foreign trade and economic cooperation promotion fund projects, and promote foreign trade enterprise sustainable development. At the same time, increase shoes, and textile clothing and bamboo mans knitting and so on export of important industry support, the sixth China-asean expo displayed in guangxi in the township, the shoe industry limited company to nurture the county import and export leading enterprise, make the processing trade become the new growth point of pulling the foreign trade. In addition, strive to make enterprises in the county developing international market, expand product export service work, Christmas Lamp to help enterprises coordinate and solve the commodity inspection, customs, foreign trade, appeared in the process of difficulties and problems.

Guangxi xing lai shoes Co., LTD is the leading role highlights, import and export finished last year $27.57 million, accounting for 84% of the total amount of import and export of the county.


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