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Furniture leather has become a major brand integration shuffle mode

The wave working sand, party show hero ecru. Recently, the reporter understands, longjiang furniture material market many own brand started to force, contrarian expansion, see a opening tide. With the market competition intensified, furniture leather industry brand integration and further deepen the competition. And the best leather resistance as one of the representative, the chairman QianJiFu is how look upon longjiang furniture leather industry in the change of the present and future development?

Industry reshuffle further intensifies

Furniture leather furniture is an important upstream of the profession,Padded Hanger along with the development of furniture, furniture leather industry also get the synchronous development. At present although no leather production enterprise longjiang, but became domestic important furniture leather distribution to gather. Domestic hebei, zhejiang, leather production factory set up in February in longjiang or dealerships, longjiang large furniture market attracted thousands of home leather dealer in here to open a shop. Excellent resistance to leather is also one of the cases, it is understood, excellent resistance to leather new marketing center also recently welcomed in the opening. Why in contrarian under, leather industry is so hot, they have opened new store?

QianJiFu believes that in the two years before the, the furniture market is longjiang leather is saturated, now industry begin to emerge out of the brand, as well as that of other brand is decline, this is the reflection of further deepen the industry brands, also is the process of the industry reshuffle is underway. "Furniture is traditional industry, Welding Torchno matter how bad the external environment, the furniture industry has been sunny industry, as furniture, furniture leather industry in the upstream is not going to have a big decline. But this year to see, the situation is very unclear, leather industry will face a bigger challenge." QianJiFu then tells a reporter, in the past few years, Car wash brushthe original export furniture enterprise large do turn sale in domestic market, the furniture of the export longjiang shrink 20% ~ 30%; And the only so big domestic cake, plus domestic real estate regulation, further compressed the market share. "Especially in these two years, the two years is a candy, by going through this winter will see spring."

Brand integration mode will be the mainstream of development

From the development of the industry of mode to see, in recent years, furniture leather industry changed a lot of change. Furniture leather dealers are divided into two kinds, one kind is a manufacturer of the background of the manufacturer retail dealers, such as product source, leather, leather, only a manufacturer of leather products agent. One kind is the integration of their own brand of of all kinds product distributor, and can be referred to as "brand integration dealers. Such as a new show of resistance, the optimal leather leather and xin MeiXing leather island.

From market feedback to see, brand integration business gradually become the mainstay of the industry, longjiang more and more furniture enterprises to select and these brand integration dealers cooperation.Solar lighting Furniture leather industry produce a shares of emerging powers and began to overturn this the development of the industry distribution mode. QianJiFu told reporters, as the current strength for the proportion of the two kinds of dealers is evenly split. But, the brand integration into mainstream business will market power.

What reason is this? "A manufacturer of the background of the dealers, it is to belong to a production sales. And brand integration business is professional distribution traders. Manufacturers and traders concept, traders focus more on the customer needs, and manufacturers often don't understand the needs of the market, easy to ignore market,US type socket and ultimately lose market." QianJiFu further points out, only do a factory distributor, is not conducive to the quality of products of the ascension. First of all, this kind of product is direct distributors with a factory takes the goods, then he will have no choice, no matter whether products suitable for the market, only a stream of push to market. In this case, the situation is suddenly appeared, return the goods furniture factory will appear. There was no cooperation associate. And brand integration business more standing in furniture manufacturers shoes, only high quality leather furniture manufacturers to win the order, brand integration business have the right to choose more kinds products to meet the market requirement of individual character.

The personage inside course of study thinks, the brand integration model of the distribution of the industry appears is positive, can DaoBi leather factory continuously improve and innovation. As furniture enterprise upstream, leather brand of ascension and innovation will be beneficial to the whole industry to ascend.

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