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APEC online international trade seminars held in Beijing

The process of globalization, the online international trade as a new business model, with its open, global, low cost, high efficiency, the characteristics of the foreign trade enterprises to improve management has become one of the important condition choice. Online international trade transactions that the proportion of total trading is still very low, Electronic Mosquito-Killer but, development space is very large.

In order to further discuss how to speed up the APEC region in the electronic commerce and the traditional international trade field fusion, and help more small and medium-sized enterprise to enter the international market, and gradually change trade growth mode, 2012 March 7-8, entrusted by the ministry of commerce, in APEC e-commerce business alliance, China international electronic commerce center, China international trade practice research committee, China's wto sincere efforts, APEC conference in Beijing online international trade was held successfully.

During the seminar, from the United States, Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea, Welding Torch Malaysia, Russia, Vietnam, Chile, Britain, Egypt, Tunisia, Belgium, Senegal and China, more than 20 countries and regions in the industry of representative detailed introduced this area online international trade development present situation, the trends and challenges, and focus on how to China's wto means honesty, for this area of small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprise provide third party e-commerce platform service, strengthen the region and China's electronic business cooperation, further communication and exchange.

APEC e-commerce business league secretary general, China international e-commerce company director and vice President ZhangNianLu attended the conference and published on "to speed up the electronic commerce and the traditional international trade integration, promote trade facilitation" theme speech. ZhangNianLu secretary-general pointed out,Car wash brush as an important regional economic APEC organization, actively advocated the development of electronic commerce, promote member economies of exchanges and cooperation between the electronic commerce and development. Hope that through APEC online international seminar on trade, and help more developed economies not in online international trade service to achieve APEC leaders and ministers meeting on promoting the asia-pacific trade facilitation goal.

The electronic commerce and the ministry of commerce information company development planning everywhere long ZhuLian on behalf of the department of electronic Commerce Department speeches, detailed introduces the current situation of the development of China's online international trade. In 2011 China's e-commerce trade size close to 6 trillion yuan, the proportion of GDP has risen to 13%. From 2007 to 2010, electronic business transactions with an average annual growth rate by more than 30%. By the end of 2011, the total sales of the network has more than 750 billion yuan.

At the same time, APEC e-commerce expert committee the chairman of the committee, foreign economic and trade university international economic trade college professor Kenneth wang representative "APEC online international trade group" to the delegates detailed introduces the present is drafting "APEC online international trade" overall progress report. The report will be through the APEC region online international trade industry policy environment, Extension socket market development present situation, the market and the development trend of international trade online content such as the best practice of investigation and research, and put forward for the government online international industry policy environment adjusting Suggestions, small and medium-sized enterprise change for foreign trade export model provides advice.

During the seminar, participants to China sincere for online international trade practice wto cases, from ways of cooperation, business model, profit pattern, and many other aspects of communication and discussion. At the same time, in order to promote China and Malaysia in small and medium-sized enterprises in the area of international trade cooperation, China and Malaysia wto sincere Multimedia Prospect Sdn Bhd signed a strategic cooperation agreement. China's wto sincere as the key recommendation of the ministry of commerce of the third party electronic business service platform in the world, Germany type socket will play an active demonstration and leading role, in order to promote our country and even the asia-pacific region change the way of trade, promoting APEC region to make positive contribution to the process of trade facilitation.


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