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China copyright trade deficit narrowed but responded to improve still

Recently, some in the industry say, at present, China's export value books is not enough, the performance in the copyright of low prices, the export product structure is unreasonable, homogeneity competition problems such as serious, the future of China's news publishing industry "go out" to be from quantity growth turned to the connotative development road.

In recent years, as China's copyright output a surge of varieties, the copyright trade deficit gradually narrowing, copyright trade structure continues to improve. According to the statistics, the copyright import and export scale by "15" at the end of the 7.2 ︰ 1 to narrow the "eleventh five-year plan" of the end of 2.9 ︰ 1, five years total output growth of 275% in the copyright. But some in the industry say, at present, China's export value books is not enough, the performance in the copyright of low prices, the export product structure is unreasonable, homogeneity competition problems such as serious, the future of China's news publishing industry "go out" to be from quantity growth turned to the connotative development road.

According to the 2010 news publishing industry analysis report "shows that our country in 2010 years ShuBaoKan has entered the copyright output in 193 countries and regions, copyright trade structure continues to improve, variety is more widely, high quality output.

Research found that, from past simple "sell" glue gunto specific planning, promotion, marketing, our country enterprise in book publishing and international counterparts in the continuous development road of collision seek, found out some effective unique experience.

First, the "customise" foreign published work. In recent years, many press to set up a special organization, in research based on the international market demand planning theme. For example, Shanghai news publishing development company has established a more than by the United Nations as an interpreter and some have long life in China of the diplomats, scholars translation team, translation, published in succession, YeXin tiening over 200 Chinese writers, and more than 80 Chinese and foreign scholars who the monographs and dozens of the national press excellent books. People's medical publishing house organization from seven countries held the vocabulary of traditional Chinese medicine experts, translators, author of "terms of traditional Chinese medicine translation systems will draft international standards", unified long hard to unified TCM term terminology translation, and becomes the French, German, Spanish, etc WenZhong standardization of TCM term terms.

Second, with the foreign press together planning, cooperation published. Foreign language teaching and research press after efforts, and Cambridge university press reached to the China economic reform development way "(overseas edition) foreign authorized, works for the equivalent of the university of Cambridge in one hundred of the old" guarantee ". WaiYanShe President CaiJianFeng said, and foreign famous company's publication in co-operation with many years of experience from each other around the world and marketing network, increase the degree of the localization of Chinese publication, effectively avoid foreign readers has been to "WaiXuan product" misunderstandings.

Finally, major engineering promote cultural high-quality goods "go out". General administration of press and publication of foreign exchange and the cooperation company ZhangFuHai priests introduces, in recent years the country has promulgated a "the Chinese book foreign promotion plan", "the classic Chinese" international publishing engineering and "border areas, the press and publication industry going out support programs" policy, has promoted the Chinese culture to go out. Among them, the "classic the China international publishing engineering" to promote contemporary classic in foreign published as the goal, since 2009, accumulative total funding 760 kinds of books, including the China economic project ", "Chinese literature an outline of the communist party of China in history: 1921-2011" a large number of excellent books published to overseas.

"As the quantity priceless" to improve malignant competition need to reverse

Industry insiders reflect, although our country copyright output growth varieties, but copyright trade amount is too low, output product structure is unreasonable, trade malignant competition problems such as severe restricted the overall quality of output I copyright ascension, it is advisable to take measures to regulate ascension, promote I publishing industry "go out" realize the connotative development.

One is the guarantee the quality of products,Surge protector reduce non-trade behavior. China international book trade corporation ZhuXiaoJie deputy general manager, said China publications at present "going out" way of diversification, both trade issue, also have such as giving non-trade behavior. But large disorder such as giving irregularities, is difficult to obtain good launch effect, and the issue of trade overseas market caused the larger impact, the impact of the "going out" the quality of the work and actual effect. We urgently need to define, clear and standardize the business issue and the relationship between the non-tradable issue and ensure that the "going out" the healthy development of the work.

Two is to improve the structure of products, increase the mainstream reading. China's publishing industry in the world mainly is Chinese XueXiLei publications products,Well Socket this kind of publications is important, but can be in international publishing market and profound influence on the formation of the mind readers, mainly from three aspects of the reading: one is the best seller, 2 it is in science and technology leading role is reading, three is ideological circle can provide unique insights and lead the international social ideological trend of reading. And just in this regard, the Chinese publishers a lack of quality products, affecting China's publications influence in the world.

Three is to reduce homogeneity malignant competition, improve the copyright output effect. WaiYanShe President CaiJianFeng thinks, at present, China's books is extremely competitive export marketSolar lighting, because each export enterprise scrambling to demand a low profit margins to export more and more, some books and even lower than the purchase price is exports. Go down for a long time, the foreigners will spoil the, the impact of the high quality of output, the book hit the real benefit of the market for the enterprise enthusiasm. Foreign language press, director of international cooperation WangChangYing said, America's a novel exports to China, royalties can achieve tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of dollars dollars, but our books sold to foreign copyright, at present, only the thousands of dollars and even a few hundred dollars. One of the reasons is that as the state encourages the implementation of policy, the domestic press YiHongErShang output copyright, lead to serious product homogeneity, mutual malignant competition, so don't sell price. From long-term development consideration, must avoid the individual enterprise quick behavior, improve the overall strength of copyright in our country exports.

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