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« China copyright trade deficit narrowed but responded to improve still To change and improve opening to the active levels and level »

The two countries manufacturing trade way each are not identical

According to the productive forces and the innovation ability manufacturers alliance (MAPI) of a new report, in 2011 China in expanding its manufacturing products export to lead in the United States.

MAPI points out, although in 2011 the United States manufacturing exports increased to $1.147 trillion, but its manufacturing total trade deficit increased to $463 billion, up $48 billion. In 2011 the United States manufacturing exports rose by $123 billion or 12%.

In 2011 China manufacturing exports increased to $1.798 trillion, an increase of $302 billion, its trade surplus increased to $659 billion, jumped $125 billion, an increase of 23%.

In 2011 the two countries trade data show that since 2000, Battery clips the two largest manufacturing exporters continued occurrence between the positions of the significant change, according to a new report MAPI, "in 2011, the two countries manufacturing trade imbalances surge".

The report's author, international trade and financial MAPI senior adviser, Ernest in pristina case (Ernest Preeg) said, "America's deficit increase the equivalent of 200000 to 400000 manufacturing jobs and trade in the net loss and reduce the production level corresponding. Pressing issue is the 2012 annual meeting of what happens, Electronic insect killer especially the trade balance was continues to grow, whether to U.S. manufacturing jobs and production significant adverse impact? The answer is not clear, but for the United States do not expect prospects."

MAPI points out, manufactured goods in trade occupies a leading part in the China commodity exports account for 95%, in the United States in commodity exports account for 80%. Manufacturing is the center of the technology innovation, two-thirds of the U.S. civilian research and development and the new patent from manufacturing.

MAPI points out, in 2015, China's exports to the United States exports will double, and in 2000 the United States exports three times bigger than China's exports.

Plymouth case said, "the impact of sensitivity of the prices of manufactured goods trade the most important international policy issues is China maintain low currency valuation greatly policyRemote control socket . Over the past ten years China's official has bought $3 trillion, the international monetary fund in the history of the largest and most sustained is the currency manipulation. All in all, with China's practice domestic growth increasingly falling, China to its currency will have a strong resistance, so as to reduce export-led growth momentum manufactured exports."


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