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Beijing international packaging expo and many close cooperation association

In 2012 will be July 3 to 6 held on CHIPF Beijing international packaging fair target audience groups for food, beverage, wine, candy, medicine, cosmetics and non-food consumer goods production enterprise. In order to facilitate the buyers visit and discuss, expo on exhibition industry needs according to purchasing reasonable planning. According to the division of buyer needs, so that we can more effectively organize professional buyers accurate time into the corresponding regional negotiations, thus increasing the exhibitors enterprise business opportunities. The exposition has issued 400000 tickets, and in the light of the industry leading enterprises issued 100000 invitation card.

More positive and fair packaging industry association and all over each professional committee contact, zhejiang, Shanghai, Beijing, guangdong province 44 home place such as packaging industry association, paper products packaging committee, metal containers committee, plastic products packaging committee such 22 home professional committee,Car wash brush all said it will support the fair held successfully, and go all out to do this exhibition.

With the professional audience what industry in order to build a close contact, fair and food industry association has tianjin, Beijing tea association, hebei food industry association, wenzhou pharmaceutical machinery industry association, the food industry associations, and other cosmetics shantou a dozen daily chemicals, food,Glam hangers beverage, pharmaceutical industry association of cooperation, and to recruit for the expo professional visitors.

China council for the promotion of international trade packaging industry branch, Chinese Taipei product packaging association, Chinese printing technology association gravure printing branch of domestic support unit as a fair to both at home and abroad and the industry and trade between the upstream and downstream firms set of the bridge.

In international exposition will maintain the last exhibition at the same time for cooperation, strengthening the cooperation with the international packaging organization. Here are some said to support to fair international organization: the world packaging organization, Asian packaging federation, the Swedish government investment promotion agency, Japan packaging technology association, the Japanese packaging machinery industry will, Japan trade agency,Solar lighting Britain processing and packaging machinery association, the European Union, the corrugated carton manufacturers association, South Korea is one of the exhibition by the delay.

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