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The world trade organization will reconstruct energy trade discipline

On April 10, the zhongtai "vegetables for oil" trade project start again, China will through the project imported from Thailand nearly 100000 tons of oil. Quantity is little, it reflects the diversity of oil trade form.

Speaking of trade, people natural can think of the world trade organization (WTO), the world only to deal with the country of the trade relationship between the system and global rules multilateral mechanism. Energy trade, so far as the largest, most "international" of commodities trading, seems to have deep and the WTO should the interactive relationship. However, the surface of readings from the real condition of far between.

All, due to the dominant oil resources in western industrialized nations taking control of, the contracting parties no "energy security" the specter of, in the design GATT (GATT) while establishing didn't also could have foreseen in the international energy market of the big time, then ignore or was intended to slam the door the contradiction between supply and demand for energy the economy in the world today survives key issues of the effective adjustment,French type socket to make energy trade "free in the multilateral trading system principle of prudence addition to."

The multilateral trading system that the original design concept, and future development of practice on the energy more political sensitivity and not as a common commodity to treat, make energy trade become a special reserve.

If in the contracting party on the basis of consensus, Well Socket the GATT deliberately evades energy trade, then the problem is more WTO on such as "the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak." The WTO in energy trade measures of performance fareed zakaria, cause the distortion in within the framework of the trade protection measures of energy is popular.

In "the energy crisis" shock wave, the security concerns of practice, often proved not only cannot help global energy security, but be effectively solve the members of the collective and the individual energy security of great obstacles.

WTO in the energy field can play a more positive and an important role, in fact depends on the WTO system in its energy trading system can realize the adjustment on arrangement is good, really construct can effectively adjust the international energy of the trade relationship between the rule of law.

The first WTO dispute accepted together "gasoline standard case" for oil trade and on, the first round of multilateral trade negotiations in WTO and turn both OPEC members of the double identity the doha, may be just a contingency coincidence, but in a sense, also seems to indicate some kind of the necessity of the trend of The Times, that is through a series of WTO rules adjustment, will be in the field of trade in energy as a somewhat.

The doha round of talks, energy service trade negotiations have been relatively and deep-going, could very well become the WTO regulation and energy trade order starting point and the breach. In view of the doha round up in the air condition, around the problem of energy situation is not necessarily negotiations soon, but the author thought the WTO reconstruction energy trade discipline, to energy trade into the process of the effective structure finally can't avoid,Electrical sockets is just a question of time.

Energy trade discipline reconstruction for major, to China's energy security will also had important influence. On the one hand, China is various efforts to promote international energy cooperation level, on the other hand, however, the energy of WTO trade discipline is becoming a new international energy reconstruction order part of the construction, China absolutely not ignore for this process attention, research and participation.

If can in the WTO such a including energy consumer,Spray sticks exporter and transport hub of the kingdom, multilateral economic organizations on platform, make a strong energy trade standard and the institutional framework, no doubt, is in the international level for China's energy security provided a legal protection, not only help China to achieve in the right of international energy cooperation, and be able to effectively make energy security problems of politicized gradually.


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