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WangGuoJiang: traditional Chinese medicine in China trade in service conditions already ventures

The state administration of traditional Chinese medicine director WangGuoJiang 26 in the state council information office said at a news conference, in traditional Chinese medicine in China of trade in services has already become more and more mature conditions.

WangGuoJiang that, along with the changes in the concept of health and the transformation of medical model, Chinese medicine by the international community wide attention and attention. The 62th world health assembly passed by the Chinese government proposed the traditional medical resolution ", encouraging and urged development traditional medicine. International organization for standardization technical committee of Chinese medicine has been set up,Hot glue gun the secretariat in China. More than 60 countries and regions, more than 200 group members joined the headquarters is located in China's world acupuncture society federation and the world association of Chinese traditional medicine association. More and more countries and regions active request and strengthen our traditional Chinese medicine in areas of cooperation and exchange.

WangGuoJiang said, at present our country and foreign governments and relevant international organizations have signed a cooperation with Chinese medicine of the contents of the bilateral agreement between the government of 96, the special Chinese medicine 49 cooperation agreement. China and the United States, Germany, France,Pest killer China and Russia have good cooperation of Chinese medicine, specially set up institutions. For example, China has specially set up with France in traditional Chinese medicine method cooperation committee, Power cordand has held four conference, promote the cooperation. Traditional Chinese medicine has been put in acupuncture human intangible cultural heritage list of masterpiece, the huangdineijing and compendium of materia medica already included in the memory of the world list.

WangGuoJiang think, these are for the development of traditional Chinese medicine trade in services laid solid foundation.

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