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« China exported 110000 tons of copper "soft BiCang" failure Singapore fashion trade fair will be the blueprint to consumers open »

Hangzhou fair every article (15) : ZhongJiang international

At the global, it is the cause of the pilot project; The velvet sky, it is the brightest stars.

Time flies, and thirty years, let the jiangsu international have national central investment project tendering agent, the central unit of government purchasing business agent, tender engineering bidding agency etc many bidding agent class a certificate.

China jiangsu international economic and technological cooperation company (hereinafter referred to as "ZhongJiang international) is a December 1980 the state council approved the establishment of menstrual large foreign trade enterprise. With the ministry of commerce of the award of foreign contract projects and labor service cooperation, import and export trade right, complete sets of foreign aid project construction task and foreign aid project level A implement enterprise qualification. National housing and rural construction approved housing project construction contract qualifications and architectural decoration engineering, mechanical and electrical equipment installation, steel structure engineering, building intelligence engineering, the construction curtain wall project, municipal utilities contract six professional qualifications and fire control facilities engineering, foundation and foundation project specialized contracting grade b qualification. With national central investment project tendering agent, Clothes hangersnational international bidding of mechanical and electrical products agent, the central unit of government purchasing business agent, tender engineering bidding agency four bidding agent such as class a qualifications. Smoothly through the annual ISO90001 quality management system and ISO14001 environment management system and GB/T28001 occupational health and safety management system review trinity.

ZhongJiang international always adhere to the strategy of "going out", vigorously developing the international economic and technological cooperation and promote internationalization, diversified management, and gradually form to domestic and international engineering contracting, engineering consultancy services,Extension cords real estate development, of labor services cooperation with foreign countries, import and export trade for the main business structure. In more than 30 overseas has set up offices, enterprise in the world nearly 100 countries and areas to develop business.

For 30 years, a total of more than 2000 projects for contract labor service, stood at more than $60, assignment services over 100000 times, service revenue more than 100 yuan, drive the mechanical and electrical equipment materials and general export trade amount more than $, drive hundreds of domestic enterprises to go into the international market. International engineering contracting provincial international company in the first place, labor services cooperation with foreign countries in a leading position in the country, foreign trade exports in the largest 200 companies and into the largest 500 companies in exports.

ZhongJiang for 16 consecutive years international by American engineering-new record "as" the world's largest 225 companies contractor "one of, in recent years has been awarded as national" of foreign contract projects and labor service cooperation "shuangyou prize enterprise," Chinese foreign labor cooperation ten excellent enterprise ", "China's 500 biggest service industry enterprise", "jiangsu famous brand service enterprise", "national creditable enterprise", "foreign contract projects and labor services cooperation with foreign countries industry AAA grade credit enterprise". On June 8, 2012-10,, hangzhou peace international exhibition center,Ratchet tiedowm ZhongJiang international will carry fin press automation production line are looking forward to your visit. air conditioning and refrigeration industry together for the development of the industry, promoting technical exchanges, strengthen the channel construction, promote the market transaction and TongHangJian communication, in the establishs 20 anniversary, blockbuster released 2012 refrigerated fair. The fair exhibition area of 10000 square meters, of which about 250 exhibitors home, visitors number is expected to reach 8000-12000 people, will be held in the same period 2012 central air conditioning industry and refrigeration industry development trend BBS and a series of technical exchange activities, the supply and demand of professional buyers meet meeting, large see buyers factory group, the refrigeration, Remote control socketair conditioning and refrigeration, ventilation purification, hot water is lacking, no matter you are to products exhibition, and technology exchange or brand promotion, from hangzhou refrigerated, refrigeration and air conditioning and heating products fair always have what you need.

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