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Fire Officials Urge Extension Cord Safety

Andover Fire Rescue has investigated and extinguished two fires in commercial buildings within the past seven days involving the improper use of Extension cord

In both cases, significant damage to furnishings occurred and would have been more extensive if the internal fire detection systems were not in place and operating to notify Andover Fire Rescue appropriately. 

Because of these recent incidents, Andover Fire Rescue wants to remind citizens and business owners of the dangers of improper use of extension cords;

  • Extension cords should be for temporary use only. They are not intended to replace permanent household or commercial wiring.
  • Cords should be discarded if they are cracked or frayed.
  • Cords should be used according to their ratings (indoor or outdoor use) and according to the power needs of the appliance that is being plugged in.
  • Never nail or staple cords or use cords that are coiled or bent.
  • If the cord is hot to the touch then it should be replaced with a cord that has a higher wattage capacity.
  • Always unplug the cord by pulling on the plug and not the cord.
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