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Jinan large supermarket has not seen the Meiji problem milk powder

The Meiji Japan dairy company production of "the Meiji STEP" milk powder detected radioactive cesium trace, the company decided to recall of about 400000 cans of milk powder. The problems in the dairy milk powder by all take part of the city county jade spring factory, the tank bottom mark the shelf life of up to 2012 respectively the October 3, 4, 5, 6,, 21, 22, 23 and 24,. Today, the reporter visit part large supermarket, shopping plaza found, jinan temporary did not find the batch products. In addition, jinan and without the Meiji dairy dealers, the party also has received the related temporary hotline reflect.
The large supermarket has not seen the Meiji milk powder
This morning, in ginza shopping plaza quancheng square shop, the reporter was not found to have the Meiji milk powder sales, supermarket workers said no previous supermarket has sold Meiji series of any milk powder. Then, the reporter comes to QuanChengLu wal-mart supermarket, in the supermarket in also found no Meiji series of milk powder. Officials said, because Japan imported powdered milk relative price is more expensive, people buy relatively less, so not for sale. Mountain in calendar carrefour supermarket, sales people also said there was no sale before Meiji milk powder.
The problem batches also frame
This morning, a reporter in maternal and infant shopping plaza found on the shelf is desirably Meiji milk powder. Staff member introduction, this is Japan imported powdered milk, but the product of Japan before the earthquake, only the last dozen cans, guarantee period to jul 2012 07,. This afternoon, the reporter call the maternal and infant shopping shunt capacitor plaza consultation, the other party officials say, learned of the Meiji milk powder recalls, although sold in the store the Meiji milk powder do not belong to the problem batch products, but the maternal and infant shopping plaza to the existing Meiji milk powder has temporarily sealed off the shelves, and relative inquires the verification and make sure everything is in order. "The quality of milk powder is healthy growth, our infant must careful responsible." The officer said.
This afternoon, the reporter login taobao.com search column input the Meiji milk powder to search for, not to any search results. According to information, get in news, taobao platform has asked the taobao sales of all of the Meiji Japan from shelves, milk powder, and to industry and commerce, food regulators do the report for, the next step, taobao.com will wait for relevant departments notice.
The Meiji milk powder by "Australia factory production"
This morning, reporters call the Meiji dairy in China's total dealer--the Meiji dairy trading (Shanghai) Co., LTD. Understand affair. The company relevant personage says, the company management of the Meiji milk powder by "Australia factory production", so it is safe. According to introducing, the "love" series of April in Australia the production processing, July in a Chinese market. The distributor for informal of consumers to buy the product, the Meiji dairy trading (Shanghai) Co., LTD. Said can't provide consultation, only to find the corresponding channel for replacement
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