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Commercial trade policy support intensified

      February 6,, the ministry of commerce issued "about" 1025 "period of retail development to promote guidance", puts forward the "1025" during retail development goals, main task and the corresponding security measures. Comments made clear "1025" period, social total retail sales of consumer goods the average annual growth of 15%, the added value of retail average annual growth of 15%, retail structure layout more hasten is perfect, urban and rural, regional harmonious development.
      Look from growth, the rate of growth of 15% is "eleventh five-year plan" period of drop of 3% 18.1%, but still belongs to more reasonable goals. Look from content, pointed out the opinion of China's commercial retail enterprise's development direction, and puts forward a series of feasible measures. Retail industry after expansion, Booster cable and commercial network in short supply situation has changed, the future will amount to moderate, rational layout, structure optimization, convenience and benefit the development direction, such as proper development large commercial network, develop the rural community, chain retail outlets. In addition, with residents income level enhancement, to the convenience of shopping, timeliness and higher quality requirements, such as shopping center convenience store, community development form will become major formats.
      From the development way look, associated mode of retail enterprises in commodity homogenized and strong, and in "1025" period, differential operation will become the core competitive force of the enterprise, the self brand, independent operation is the key. Therefore, the government encourages department stores, supermarkets and retail enterprises to improve the independent operation proportion, establish and perfect the buy a hand the training system, expand the scope of daring and commodities,Extension cord   based on customer consumer demand has its own brand development, improve profitability. Internet shopping is the fastest-growing retail channel, the government encourage large retail enterprises established online mall, key support to small and medium-sized retail enterprise for the service object third party platform construction. According to "1025" electronic commerce development guidance, 2015 retail sales network is equivalent to 9% of the total social zero above, the net buys scale will reach 2.8 trillion, compound annual growth rate reached 41%.
      From policy efforts to see, and 2011 years of tight industry policy significantly warmer than. With the daily operation of enterprise closely related contents include: to break the domestic market segmentation and regional blockades, continue to implement the policies promoting consumption series; In the retail implement convening tax preferential policies related; To speed up the implementation retail electricity pricing and industrial water policy; Promote retail enterprise air conditioning, solve the equipment into the value added tax policy of project; Cleaning and rectify unreasonable fees; power strip  Adjust the bank card charge fees policy, etc. These measures to reduce the retail business cost, improve the quality of earnings have positive role, the future needs to observe specific policy of be born and the efficiency of the policy implementation.
      Review in 2011, retail industry industry policy focus in the standard market, to retail enterprise support obviously deficiencies. Policy primarily reflected in the card, discounts and promotions management, rectification of the large retail enterprise to supplier illegal tolling management. Recent industry policy to loose, for example:Cable Reel Type Socket   three ministries joint mandate requirement to be "1025" expand consumption work, highlighted the consumption in promote national economic transformation of the strategic status; With Shanghai as pilot business tax change value added tax, the future may further expand the range; Some products import tariffs, enhance the domestic enterprise competitiveness; Value added tax shall be exempted from the vegetables circulation, reduce the cost of circulation, etc.
      2012 years of retail industry policy will step into loose encourage period. First, the guiding opinions on the introduction of the retail industry objective points out the circulation industry excess capacity, high cost and the profit model as well, Christmas Lamp and the corresponding Suggestions to solve the means and measures. Second, the opinion from the policy level in most content mainly for guidance, the follow-up on specific measures to look forward to.
      Should say, current business plate is fully reflect the valuation of the recent pessimistic expectations, industry "policy bottom" has initially revealed. At the same time, along with preferential policy of gradually put on the business performance of the company have certain ascend, the development of new formats also is expected to become the watershed of the profits.
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