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The mainland trade enterprises to actively explore new market

      Facing the global economic recovery, lack of power, such as demand shrinking challenge, China's trade enterprise will be how to deal with? HSBC bank (China) Co., LTD. For nearly 700 mainland enterprise survey showed that mainland China to participate in international trade enterprise is actively explore new market and industry.
      Most surveyed said enterprise, in the current economic background, it was planning to open up new international market, emerging market, especially the potential of the country especially valued compound. 62% of Chinese enterprise plan future 5 years and compound countries (Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa) in trade, including Brazil and Russia's most popular. At the same time, they have the potential to some other emerging markets are also interested, 41.7% of the enterprise and the wisdom to Egypt, Indonesia and Vietnam, trade market. power strip Look from the industry, said enterprise think, emerging market opportunities are concentration of traditional trade industry, such as textile and manufacturing, etc. Good country and Egypt, Indonesia gold ingot markets such as the traditional industry in the market of the enterprise than by more than forty percent, and in Vietnam is more than sixty percent.
      HSBC China industry and commerce financial services HeShunHua general manager said: "there is now a global slowdown in economic activity does give a lot of the management of the enterprise challenge, but globally, the opportunity is still exist, such as some emerging market infrastructure rapid development will bring to the needs of the related equipment, and emerging market consumption ability bring to the rise of consumer electronics and automobile and so on demand, all of these Chinese enterprise provides a good chance. Cable Reel Type Socket  Our estimates that global trade in the next five years (2012-2016) will increase each year on average between $1 trillion and China's enterprise as long as get the market and industry, will have a chance to an overall recovery in the economy before the initiative. Race"
      In emerging markets look for opportunities at the same time, Chinese companies are also still pay attention to Europe and the United States and other traditional trade position, the survey shows that in the next five years, consider and Europe and the United States trade of Chinese enterprise as high as 57.2% and 55.4% respectively. However, and emerging market is different, in these traditional market, China enterprise hope to look for traditional trade industry outside of the "chance", more focus on high and new science and technology industry: in the United States, for trade country of destination enterprise, 45% of the high and new science and technology industry value; And in the choice of Europe as the trade country of destination enterprise, 38.6% of the high and new science and technology industry value, coming in the industry. And high value-added manufacturing, followed by than account for 35.1% and 32.2% respectively.
      More specific growth opportunity is concerned, the HSBC group of global trade outlook report, the whole world, the fastest growth in the next five years before ten big trade field is as follows: renewable energy, container etc packing products, casting mould, coal and coal products, processed food, power and control systems and equipment, oil and gas, Christmas Lamp wheat, iron and steel products and plastic products. And the regional terms, the next five years the fastest growing export market including Egypt, panama, Indonesia, Brazil and Peru, and the fastest-growing import market for Egypt, panama, Paraguay, India and Australia, etc.
       However, although the emerging market and the traditional market still unlimited business opportunities, but research also shows that, the foreign trade enterprise still face different challenges. In emerging markets, said local enterprise competition of the same products listed as major challenges, in addition, the local strange trade environment, including local language communication difficult, cultural differences, and local partners resource and so on, is also facing obstacles of enterprise development. And in the European and American market, most enterprise think was the biggest challenge of the local economic slowdown, SuLiang demand, exchange rate volatility risk is also trade enterprise in the mature of the development of the market main concerns.
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