Brief introduction
      High voltage shunt capacitor choose coarsening polypropylene film and high performance liquid as composite aluminum foil as (electric) plate. It is mainly used in nominal voltage 1000 V above 15 ~ 60 Hz frequency Hz ac power system of reactive power compensation, improve the power factor, reduce the line loss, managing electric energy, improve the quality of power supply products performance meet to GB/T11024-2001 nominal voltage above 1 KV ac power system with parallel capacitor series standard requirements.
Usage condition
*The altitude does not exceed 1000 m, the environment air temperature-40 ~ + 40.
*Installation place no violent mechanical vibration, without harmful gas and steam, electrical conductivity and explosive dust.
*Continuous operating voltage 1.0 Un, the maximum allowed voltage 1.1 Un
*Steady over current (including harmonic current) not more than 1.3 In
*Capacitors are put into operation, the rest of the terminal voltage should be no more than 10% of the rated voltage.
      High voltage shunt capacitor is mainly combined with great water-vessel and the shell. Great water-vessel is made by dozens of components in a particular series way, and a separate package and insulation. Shell is made by bending welding aluminum alloy plate shell made, with two side holders for hoisting installation. Box cover has in and out with water and porcelain casing copper wiring terminal. It is filled with good performance of the liquid except great water-vessel.
Capacitor type instruction
To BFM11-200-3W, for example: